Communication Breakdown: Baltimore Hip Hop Coming To Shepherdstown

by Cassandra Mullinix. 0 Comments

Breaking all stereo types, the young heavyset no frills white boy rapper known as Height has established himself amongst a lengthy cast of great Baltimore artists.  Performing and recording material since 2008, Height has honed a craft of elemental and incredibly addictive rhymes that stand out on an indie rock saturated Baltimore scene.  Height performs consistently with a somewhat rotating cast of friends and together they perform and record under the moniker Height With friends to better reflect the cast of collaborators.  Bed Of Seeds released in 2010 is Height With Friends latest compilation.  The album is vaguely reminiscent of a Beastie Boys (if on Vicodin) formula, with slowed down vocals, rock instrumentals samples, and more rock like arrangements. 

The BlueMoon Saloone is bringing this fresh new talent to our musical neighbor, Shepherdstown WV. On Friday February 24th.  I have a feeling Height With Friends is going to bring the magic and feed off the mysticism that is the BlueMoon and the college kids that will surely pack the house.  So come out and be a part of the fun that will surely ensue.

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