SKY TV makes a play for Internet television success

by Colin McGuire. 0 Comments

Yes, I know this isn’t your regularly scheduled blog-tastic blog post, but I felt as though I needed to check in to make sure I didn’t fall out of your fantastically intelligent minds for anymore than a few minutes. And besides, if I stayed away for too long, I would miss the three of you who read this thing immensely!

So in light of other things I need to tend to, here’s a link to a BBC News piece on SKY TV announcing its foray into Internet television. Why do this, you ask? Well, it’s for the trillions of readers who check out this blog worldwide, silly. And by “trillions of readers,” of course, I mean “nobody outside a five mile radius has ever clicked on this thing.” But still, SKY TV is a fairly big entity outside of this country, and now that it is throwing its hat into the ring, we can all be assured that this TV Without A TV thing is slowly, yet surely, going global.

Now, without further ado, check out the following link:

And finally, be ready for the unveiling of a new project this blog plans to take on later this week. Yes. Your excitement is echoing through my computer’s speakers right now. Happy Wednesday, friends!


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