“I Am Number Four”

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“I am Number Four”

Sometimes, you just have to give a film a try.  The trailer for “I am Number Four”, as well as the title, kind of hooked me.  I thought it might be worth a try.  …and sometimes your gut instinct turns out to be dead-on. 

“I am Number Four” is far too cliché to be worth much more than this review and I hope all sci-fi fans pay heed to my warning here.  It wasn’t “Twilight” awful, but it got close.  Essentially, it had potential but that was as far as it could go.  There was no real explanation given as to why these aliens have come to Earth.  They are just here.  The good aliens are trying to live among us and blend in.  The bad aliens have come and are killing them off one by one.  For some mystical reason, they have to kill the good aliens in order of how they arrived here on Earth.  Does that sound hokey or contrived?  It should.  Talk about a lack of development here! 

Anyway, so the bad aliens have gills where their nostrils should be, they are bald, they have sharp pointy teeth, and they wear trench coats and really thick-soled boots.  The end result – they look foolish and really outdated.  Come on!  We’ve seen aliens like that of “Star Wars” and “Avatar” – and you think this shoddy rendition will pass inspection?  They looked ridiculous!  Worse still, they have guns.  A technologically advanced race of aliens is capable of coming to Earth undetected but they arrive with something as mundane as GUNS???  Next, you will tell us they keep some kind of monster as a bloodhound.  Oh wait…that actually does happen in this movie.

Folks, some elements of sci-fi can be cool to play with: like how aliens communicate or how long they live.  Other elements are so over-done though that they have had their day, and really shouldn’t be used in film ever again.  A LOT of this movie falls into the latter category.  It is contrived and stupid.   film was far too many of BOTH of these things. While this film clearly caters to the teenage audience, I don’t think today’s teenagers are so easily swayed by such clichés and plot holes the size of tractor trailers. Give them some credit! This

I didn’t buy the chemistry between the 2 leads.  In fact, I didn’t believe any of the characters – except for the Sheriff’s football jock/bully son.  The rest is just plain silliness.  “I am Number Four” doesn’t live up to any promise except that the Aussie blonde that turns out to be Number Five and she whoops much butt.  That’s the only real highlight of the film.  Everything else plays like a bad music video mixed with some atrocious Sci-Fi channel “original” movie.   Don’t waste your time with this garbage!

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