And your host for the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards is …

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“I hope to be able to do for the Emmys this year what Eddie Murphy did for the Oscars.”

That’s funny.

That’s also what Jimmy Kimmel said Monday after being tapped to host this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, set to take place Sept. 23 at the Nokia Theater. If you remember, Jane Lynch of “Glee” fame hosted the trophy show last year on FOX. If you don’t remember … well, then click on that link to remind yourself of the glitz, pomp and celebration that was the 2011 installment of the show (or, as some may call it, The One Night A Year We Are Reminded Of Exactly How Angry Hugh Laurie Really Is).

The move seems to be a hit from all ends. I say that only because even one of my favorite writers in the world, the Washington Post‘s Lisa Des Moraes, approves the decision, and if you have ever learned anything from following this silly blog, you probably already know that she usually hates everybody and everything. Not this time …

“It’s about time!” she wrote Monday evening, exclamation point in tow. “Apparently it took a bunch of White House correspondents to convince Hollywood that Kimmel’s got what it takes to host a big-ticket event. … Kimmel recently stole ABC’s Academy Awards telecast with his annual post-Oscar special, in which his movie spoof, ‘Movie: The Movie,’ pounded the movie spoof that opened the actual Oscar ceremony that night.”

Me? I don’t know, actually. I haven’t had cable television for what seems like decades now, though even when I did, I usually never considered his late-night show an option (and that even includes the nights when he would have a musical guest I might have been vaguely interested in, too). I mean, I guess he’s funny — that seems to be the consensus — and if Ms. Lisa is OK with it, then I have no reason to think it won’t be anything but great (that’s what an editor’s credit on “In Treatment” and a daily, always-scathing television column will do to boost your credibility).

But at the end of the day, because of my admitted ignorance, I can’t do much more than shrug my shoulders at such a decision. Actually, to me, the real news from this announcement comes within the details. I mean, come on, friends — who knew that CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX rotated the rights to airing the show?!

OK. OK. I get it. Everyone except me.

That said, the last time ABC was up was in 2008, when the network threw a slew of reality television hosts —  Ryan Seacrest, Heidi Klum, Tom Bergeron, Howie Mandel and Jeff Probst — out there to entertain the masses. The result? The lowest rated Emmys in the history of mankind.

So … ABC seemingly made the correct call, right? I mean, it can’t get much worse for Mickey and his buddies, one would have to think.


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