Captivate 2012

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Last week, Capcom held their annual Captivate event in Rome, Italy; highlighting new game reveals and updates for titles already announced. Now that the week long embargo has ended, time to dig in!

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 now has an updated release date of October 2, 2012, from November 20, 2012. The campaign will take about 30 hours to complete. It's broken down into three parts; each with their own storylines and different perspectives during the game's events. Check out the articles and trailer below!


Destructoid - Resident Evil 6 Captivate Preview

IGN - Resident Evil 6: Enter the Darkness

Neogaf - RE6 Info

Nowgamer - Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Info

Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 was also announced @ Captivate 2012 as well. The development is being handled by Sparx Unlimited. The developer doesn't have the best track record for creating good games. Their last two games, Legendary: The Box and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, received scores of 47 and 43 respectively. Check out the trailer for LP3 and hope that Sparx Unlimited has learned from their mistakes. Lost Planet 3 is scheduled for a Spring 2013 release.

DmC: Devil May Cry

The last trailer is the latest one from DmC, the reboot to the Devil May Cry series. Personally, I like how the game is shaping up but don't take my word for it and judge for yourself! So far, DmC is rumored to release in Late Summer 2012.



Destructoid - DmC Preview

With some powerhouse games coming out soon, Capcom maybe turn a profit this year...minus their DLC practices of course.

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