Tidbits: It Don’t Come Easy, Silent Old Mtns.

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Over the last few months I haven’t had the good fortune to be able to write much, but as always I’ve been keeping a steady ear to the ground.  There are a few Frederick bands that work really hard to gig consistently every weekend, but there is one band in particular that has been really upping the game lately.  I’m talking about Silent Old Mtns.  Not only have they been gigging relentlessly (3 local shows last weekend, 2 local shows next weekend for example), but they’ve also had some pretty awesome moments lately.  One biggy being the release of their official video for Dead All The Time and the other is having had the honor of opening for Langhorne Slim at the Ottobar ( Baltimore, MD ) (videos here) about a month ago.  Indeed some great leaps and bounds for a Frederick band whose first live performance was just a little over one year ago!

You’ve literally had to have been dodging every music night at every local venue in Frederick to have not seen a Silent Old Mtns. show in the past few months, but just in case their sound can be described as an edgy tension filled combination of folk vocals, pop piano chords, and crashing rock n roll style drums.  Really though, it’s the little things, the details that make Silent Old Mtns. not just another indie rock band.  Each member seems to maintain their own identity to create one very bold yet accessible presence on stage and every live show is a mix of music, poetry, and theatrics mostly provided by band member Sam Whalen who also adds banjo’s, tambourines, and a host of other instruments into the sound that is Silent Old Mtns.

The guys have a few shows coming up next weekend, you might want to check out the 4/28 show at Café Nola with the additionally up and coming Life After You (check out LAY’s Black Eyed Peas cover).  Or if you can’t make it you might consider giving them a few bucks for a tour van so they can begin to represent Frederick music on the East Coast and beyond.  At the very least, check out their awesome brand new video right here..

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