Why are they famous?

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A few days ago while hanging out with some of my friends we started talking about the band One Direction. Before something was said about their music (which one would think would be the details of a conversation about a band), one of my friends immediately said that all members are so attractive.

For some reason when my friend said this, I had to consider why some celebrities are famous. If the first thing mentioned about them in a conversation is their appearance, are they really known for or liked for what they do or for what they look like?

As an example, the band One Direction that my friends and I were talking about is comprised of five boys from the U.K. They competed on the X-Factor together and took home third-place. Obviously, they are pretty talented to have made it as far as they did on the show. Their music has sold at the top of the charts and their song What Makes You Beautiful won Best British Single at the 2012 BRIT awards.

I myself do enjoy One Directions music however all I can think of now is how much their success can be attributed to their image. In this day and age, I believe that your image is really important and can really change how people perceive you. Beauty and good looks can really take you far. How many not-so-attractive singers and actors have you seen? Not many, if any.

People prefer to watch someone sing or act if they are good-looking. For some reason celebrities are just not as fun or enjoyable to follow when they arent attractive. Its pretty sad that society is like this but for some reason humans are just wired this way. Im sure that there are thousands upon thousands of people who are just as talented as todays celebrities but just havent made it because they dont have a pretty face.

Considering this, Im curious to see if all of the most famous celebrities suddenly became 100 times less attractive if people would still be interested in them. Or, if they would make as much money or be as successful. In other words, would people care about them if they werent attractive?

As a matter of fact, a few months ago I saw a video on the Internet of an interview of the Kardashian sisters. What was so interesting about this interview was that they said they werent talented. They literally spoke those words!

I doubt that they would have a television show and all of the fame if they werent pretty and if their father wasnt OJ Simpsons lawyer. All viewers see on the show is them arguing and shopping and getting married and getting divorced a short time later. You dont have to be a celebrity to do any of that.

It will be interesting to see how these ideas and mentalities of society change over the years. In my opinion, I feel that having a pretty face will only be taking your farther, and there is really no way to rewire our brains on this topic.

Maybe the biggest burning question I have on this topic is one that may never be answered.

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