An Open Letter to the Nationals” General Manager

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Hello, Nationals fans!  After watching my team get swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers over the weekend, I couldn't resist and I wrote this letter to the Nationals' General Manager.  I am mailing it tomorrow; feel free to cut, paste, and mail him one from yourself as well:


Mr. Rizzo,


I am writing you this letter as an ardent baseball fan; a loyal Nationals follower who is thrilled to see the Nats in first place atop the National League East.  It has been great heckling my Phillies-fan coworkers and watching the talented pitchers on the Nationals’ rotation performing in stellar fashion on the diamond day in and day out.


However, as you well know, the Nationals are definitely lacking in offense.  While they’ve made do while Michael Morse and Ryan Zimmerman have been on the Disabled List, the season is only a month old and there are still many games to be played, especially against tough teams like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and the New York Yankees.  I believe the Nationals need a fresh face in their coaching staff; someone who can provide leadership, hitting expertise, and can be highly respected by the current players.


Therefore, I am asking that you please consider terminating the contract of Nationals’ hitting coach, Rick Eckstein, and consider replacing him with someone like Iván Rodriguez .  “Pudge” is a living legend, and is still given high praise by Nationals fans, MASN sportscasters, and everyone in the baseball world.   Eckstein has been with the club since 2008, and it seems like ever since then, the talent that has come up from the Minors has not improved much once a player gets to the Major Leagues.  Please consider my suggestion as a way to help this team of hard-working guys reach the playoffs – at the rate they’re going, they probably won’t make it to the postseason this year, and that would be a terrible disappointment!




Marién Hornyak


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