Heyman returns

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With Brock Lesnar’s limited number of dates over the next year, the creative team had to figure out ways to keep him off television, yet keep him relevant, and I think the creative team delivered in a big way.

Paul Heyman returned to a WWE ring last Monday for the first time in years to reprise his role as an advisor to Brock Lesnar, speaking on his behalf as the former UFC champ contemplates legal action against the WWE. And, while Heyman said his client won’t return, I’d say it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll eventually get a Lesnar-Triple H match somewhere down the line.

As for Heyman, bringing him in works on so many different levels. Heyman has been a close friend of Lesnar’s for a long time, so he has a personal connection in this storyline that can only translate well in his upcoming promos. And, speaking of promos, few can match Heyman on the mic, so hopefully the creative team will back off the scripts and let him do what he does best. And, finally, if creative wants to turn the actual creativity up at all, just let Heyman have some input. What he did with that ragtag bunch in the infamous Philadelphia bingo hall speaks for itself. It’s been more than 10 years since ECW shut down, and a small, but noticeable, E-C-W chant still broke out when he hit the ring last week. Longtime fans haven’t forgotten his contributions to this industry.

As far as I’m concerned, Lesnar’s feud with WWE management, with Triple H as the focal point, just picked up, and ironically, Lesnar may not even be around to help carry the load on this one. The eventual match will likely be similar to Lesnar’s match with Cena: physical and brutal. The build can be handled very well by Heyman, while Lesnar will more than carry his end of this in the ring later this year.

In other news, I’m still not looking forward to John Cena vs. John Lauranitis, partially due to such inconsistencies with the storylines. Triple H gets involved in a battle with CM Punk and the locker room walks out. Lauranitis gets involved and so far nothing happens. Sure, it seems like Cena wants him to stay right where he is so he can have his fight, but Lauranitis’ power should still be limited somewhat. And, that’s not even talking about the fact that Lauranitis was originally feuding with Punk, who probably should’ve gotten a match with Lauranitis late last year. I’m still not even really sure how Cena ended up in this one in the first place.

Now, admittedly, that’s not to say Lauranitis has forgotten about Punk. Putting him in a handicap match with Lord Tensai and Daniel Bryan was proof of that. But, it did seem like the original feud was with Punk, not Cena. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have a Punk-Daniel Bryan match over anything with Lauranitis any day. But, just pointing out some of the inconsistencies. That match alone should make the next pay-per-view a must-see event, as long as Punk and Bryan are given lots of time.


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