1 Voice Trekking Attempts to Hike 3,000 Miles in One Day

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 We hike long distances. We raise money for non-profits that support abused and neglected children. We want you to team up with us.

Our next adventure:

Hike 3,000 miles in a day.

How? By working together. The Saturday of Labor Day weekend – September  1, 2012 – hikers from around the country will set a team goal and cover as many miles as they can.   A team could do a 1, 5, 10 or 30+ mile section together or cover a larger distance by breaking it up into smaller segments and assigning sections according to ability.  By combining all of our efforts, we hope to cover at least 3,000 miles that day.

Why? Because abused and neglected kids need us and hiking is more than about ourselves.

This effort will benefit non –profits who help these kids in at least 3 ways:

Through the collected registration/donation fee of $300 per team, that is just $30 per person for a team of 10 and through corporate sponsors, 1 Voice Trekking will be supporting The National Center for Children and Families – www.nccf-cares.org  – These funds will be directed to a very specific goal to be announced in the near future. Each team is encouraged to seek out a local charity and coordinate a drive to collect specific items each particular charity needs. This means each team can use this hike to support their local community, network and get involved. Become Team “fill in your charities name” and hike with us. Non-profits are encouraged to use this event as a fundraiser for their particular mission. Get a team together and after paying our registration fee, start raising awareness for your non-profit by rallying people in your community to sponsor your team as they gear up for this challenging hike.

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