The First Diablo 3 Death

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As much as I love gaming, I couldn't do it for a marathon session. Honestly, I don't know how anyone could. I'd just get burned out and require food and sleep. The most gaming I have done in one sitting was me playing Mass Effect 2 when the massive snowstorm hit Frederick in February 2010. I must have been playing it for about ten hours straight and throughout that time, I wasn't feeling too tired.

Nevertheless, marathon gaming deaths continue to occur in the world; with Asia having the highest number of deaths as a result.

I recently came across an article that speaks of a young man who passed away while playing Diablo 3. Russell Shirley was only 32 when he passed away while playing the very popular pc game. When no one heard from him, his friends came to check on him at his residence; only to find him at his computer. The death was from a heart attack. Russell not only had previous health issues, but also lived a sedentary lifestyle. Combine that with a very addicting video game and the result can lead one to an early grave.

In short, stay active and healthy and don't let video gaming take over your life. Marathon gaming, along with other detrimental factors, could lead to poor health, serious neglect of family responsibilties (selling children for money to feed their gaming habits, dumping newborn babies in the dumpster, etc.) and that's just to name a few.

Game it up but please consider to do it in moderation.

Take Caution during Marathon Gaming

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