From Walking Dead to E3

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Happy Friday to all!!  I hope that you are ready for the holiday weekend!!  And now, back to the blog.

Earlier this month, I came across a new downloadable game that is based off of the hit television show on AMC called The Walking Dead – to which the game has the same title.  It is a third-person game, developed by Tell Tale Games , that fits into a newer genre within the industry – the EPISODIC genre; meaning that the game is broken down into, in this case, five parts and distributed monthly until all of the parts have been made available for download.

The five episodes, which have an ESRB rating of MATURE and are available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and MAC, are as follows:

Episode 1 : A New Day

Episode 2 : Starved for Help

Episode 3 : Long Road Ahead

Episode 4 : Around Every Corner

Episode 5 : No Time Left

Each episode contains its own storyline which the player gets to work through real-time situations in order to progress the story.  The beauty of this type of game is that you can play each episode as many times as you like and still get a unique experience each time; i.e., it has what they call in the industry ‘High Replay’ value.  Hence, on one play through of an episode, you can choose to go one direction with the story.  But the next time you play, (if you want) you can go a totally different direction.  Pretty cool, huh?

Since this game is a series, the decisions that you make during the first episode will cascade into the next episode and so on and so forth.  Now that, in my humble opinion, is worth the price of admission.  I mean, it’s one thing to play a game that has a great storyline, relatable characters and impressive gameplay environments that progress you from beginning to end.  But it’s something else entirely to play a game that really does shape itself to your decisions.

To date, the first episode alone has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times since its launch in early May, 2012.  But with its success aside, since it’s being released monthly , it reminds me of something else that is coming up early next ‘month’: the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 (June 5 – 7, 2012).

E3 is, to put it in sports terms, the Superbowl of Gaming .  It is THE conference for the big (and not-so-big) game development companies (like Electronic Arts (EA) , Epic Games , Microsoft , Naughty Dog , Nintendo , Sony , Ubisoft and many, many more) to reveal their up-and-coming games, as well as, any new technology (like new gaming systems, game controllers, etc.) that is going to come out for purchase within the next 12- ish months.

Personally, I enjoy watching the broadcasts that they provide to the public via the web (either through the E3 website or on YouTube ) because it gives me a feel for what games I want to try (via demo - if available) or buy when they are released.  In that regard, I wanted to provide a list of games that I am looking forward to based on what I have heard is (possibly) going to be released at E3:

Assassin's Creed 3:

Even though it has a “3” in the title, this is, in fact, the 5 th next-gen console game in the series from Ubisoft , and does it look wild!!  The game not only brings the story stateside to the American Colonies during the American Revolution, it also introduces new gaming technology that enables the game to have thousands of players on the screen at one time during battle sequences.  It also will span “30 years” of the main character’s, Connor, life and will enable players to experience Boston, New York City and other major hubs of civilization at that time in history like never before.

Halo 4:

Master Chief is finally back!

At the end of the last Halo title (Halo 3), Master Chief defeated the Covenant and won the “war”, but was believed to have perished.  In fact, he went in to cryonic sleep so that he could, one-day, rise again to help mankind to win “the next” war; i.e., as he goes in to cryonic sleep, he says, “Wake me when you need me.”  This final scene in Halo 3 brought the first trilogy to a poetic close because at the beginning of Halo 1 , Master Chief is awakened to help mankind to fight the Human-Covenant War; i.e., the series came full circle.

But to that end, he is needed once again.  This time, Halo 4 launches a new trilogy for Master Chief and Cortana – his artificial intelligence counterpart.  What threat awaits them?  Only time will tell.

South Park: The Stick of Truth:

On a lighter note, it’s time to experience South Park, Colorado alongside Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny like never before.  That’s right, coming first quarter 2013 (and hopefully with some gameplay previews at E3 this year), South Park Studios and Obsidian Games are releasing their own Role Playing Game (RPG) that is set to look EXACTLY like the series.

Playing as “the new kid” in South Park, you will experience the world of South Park in full, in-your-face detail.  But as I am a fan of multi-Tony Award Winning Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of the series), I say that’s have it!

As I’ve mentioned before how I enjoy playing certain games because they look like movies, this one is set to look exactly like the television show.  Hence, it will be like you are shaping your own South Park episode or movie as you play the game.

The Last of Us:

Naughty Dog , who developed the internationally successful Uncharted series, has tried something different for their new game entitled The Last of Us .  

Instead of having an over-the-top, but very well crafted action-based game like any of the Uncharted titles (which are all phenomenal in my opinion), they have taken their high quality storytelling and gameplay abilities and put them into a more intimate story of two people trying to get across the United States, or what’s left of it, in a post-apocalyptic world.

Not only will players have to worry about their inventory of supplies (food, medical supplies, weapons, ammunition and other general supplies), they will also have to worry about other (infected AND uninfected) human beings who are trying to survive in this harsh reality.

Thanks for reading.

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