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Last month I wrote about the things that make a celebrity famous and if they're really famous for their image or for their talent. Regardless of how they achieved their celebrity status, celebrities have created a new breed of humans, mainly affecting females. These girls have been around for years and are called fangirls.

There are plenty of definitions for the word fangirl on Urban Dictionary but my personal favorite definition reads:

fangirl: noun, 1. (derogatory) a female fan, obsessed with something (or someone) to a frightening or sickening degree. Often considered ditzy, annoying and shallow.

I dont always think that fangirl is a derogatory term because some of my friends call themselves fangirls to make fun of their obsessions and it is said in a joking way. Im okay with this, though there are plenty of times when fangirl should carry a derogatory definition because these girls have an obsession that is just annoying and over the top (although, I do have to give fangirls props for their undying love, dedication and discipline to stalking someone that isnt aware that they are alive or ever will).

A few bands, singers and actors that I would consider notorious for their fangirl bases include Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Zac Efron and probably the biggest yet, One Direction. All of these people have some star quality that makes them attractive. But what sets them apart from the average celebrity is that they somehow draw the fans into their life and make these fans live and breathe solely to see how they live their every-day life.

This brings me to the main difference between your ordinary fan and a fangirl. A fan might have a poster of the celebrity, own all of their music and go to a concert or two, but the celebrity at hand is only a part of their lives. They have a healthy interest in the celebrity and they in no way are devoting their time to following their every move.

On the other hand, a fangirl not only owns plenty of merchandise pertaining to the celebrity, but follows them on every social media website and talks about them all of the time with their friends. They are completely obsessed and cant seem to hold a conversation for very long about any other subject, or they somehow find a subtle way to edge their favorite star into the conversation.

Sometimes I think its kind of cool for someone to know so much about a certain person or subject. It really shows that when they are interested in something. Other times, I just get really annoyed with these people who revolve their lives around others who are really just regular people but happen to have jobs that make them well known.

Maybe I am just really easily annoyed by people, and this article may seem really shallow of me, but I cannot stand fangirls in most situations. When people can only talk about one thing, I get very bored, very fast. It makes me think that their own life must be incredibly boring if all they can do is cyber stalk their favorite celebrity all day long.

Ill admit that there have been a few people that I have been pretty interested in over the years. About a year ago, I was in love with the Iconic Boyz from the sixth season of Americas Best Dance Crew. Lately, Ive been into Ryan Sheckler. In both of these periods of time, however, Ive never been over the top crazy.

Sure, I watched every interview about the Iconic Boyz and I follow them on Twitter and liked their Facebook page but when the season ended, so did my obsession. Now, with Ryan Sheckler I read his tweets whenever I go on Twitter and sometimes I watch Life of Ryan. Once in Spanish class, I even did a project about him.

While I do have favorite celebrities who I enjoy following, the big difference between me and a fangirl is that I dont feel the need to share my fascination with the rest of the world.

Why is that? Honestly, I dont think anyone cares, and I dont blame them. I dont want to sit around listening to them talk on and on about whoever theyre captivated with. To me, it just seems like common courtesy. Dont bore others and they wont bore you.

Right now, with One Direction I am seeing the biggest fangirl base that I can remember, probably even bigger than Justin Biebers. A few good friends of mine are huge fangirls and Ill admit that sometimes I want to shake them really hard so that theyll come to their senses.

Okay, maybe thats a little extreme but still; how do you relate Niall Horan to a technology class?

I like One Direction myself, and I have their album on my iPod and I often listen to it. I cant watch a full interview all the way through though, it just becomes too boring for me. Plus, Im not really sure if I care about what their favorite color is or what their most traumatic childhood experience was.

All in all, fangirls are an interesting group of people that take an adoration to a new extreme, and in my opinion, a wild level. The only thing I ask is that the next time you see yourself heading in the fangirl, or fanboy, direction, ask yourself if you have the time for it.

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