Talent abounds in Maryland

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This past weekend I was pleasantly surprised to preview the Trinity Chamber Orchestra of Washington which had their last concert of the season in Bethesda. Under the expert direction of Dr. Richard Fazio the audience was treated to an interesting repertoire of Mozart, Haydn and Brahms.

That being said, it was the Argentine-born pianist Fabian Faccio who won the audiences admiration with his unerring sense for variety of tone. He offered both prodigious technique as well as imposing virtuosity that fully proved his understanding of balance between solo and orchestra.

Seldom have I heard Haydns Piano Concerto in D played with as much fervor as that which Mr. Faccio infused. One could almost see the music floating through his body. From the first note to the last, his music was full of energy and space. The stunning dynamism of the chord sequences, the expressive contrast of the melodic interludes posed no obstacle for him. Without a doubt, Mr. Faccio possesses the technical and interpretive skills to take on the difficulties of this work and transport his audience to the Classical period of the salon in Haydens Austria. He brings the listener to his world and that is what live performance is all about.

The beautiful movement from the Vivace to the pleasant Rondo was sonorous and musically engaging. It truly was an honor to have witnessed Mr. Faccios masterful interpretation shine.

Mr. Faccio is a virtuoso who knows his instrument perfectly well, it is a shame that this amazing pianist appeared like lightening over the Bethesda concert.

As the concert came to an end I marveled at the fact that an Argentine pianist and an American conductor tactfully reminded all of us present that it is the intuitive and completely honest approach which best resonates with an audience because it gives the artist and the works played true integrity.

I look forward to following this orchestra in their future presentations.

Carmen Ileana Romn writes a regular column for fredericknewspost.com.

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