Devils take second straight from Kings, trail 3-2

by Omar Barakat. 0 Comments

The New Jersey Devils defeated the Los Angeles Kings in game five of the Stanley Cup finals 2-1 to force a game six.  Here are my thoughts on game five.


Well, they say all good things must come to an end and that is what happened to the Kings amazing road playoff win streak.  The Kings were 10-0 on the road this postseason and had won 12 straight road playoff games dating back to last year.  This is a streak that we may not see broken for a long time.  It is so difficult to win on the road, especially in the playoffs.  Hats off to the Kings legendary run.


The tone was set in game five thanks to a rare, horrible mistake by Kings goalie Jonathan Quick.  For unknown reasons, Quick tried to ricochet the puck off the boards behind the net.  In doing so, he passed the puck to Zach Parise who easily put it in the net.  The Kings would battle, but never would truly recover from the error.


The other key moment came when Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur made a huge save on a breakaway attempt by Jarrett Stoll in 2nd period.  Had Stoll scored, the Kings would have gone up 2-1.  The pressure would have been tremendous for a Devils team facing elimination.


The Kings have now lost more games in the Stanley Cup Finals than they did in the first three rounds of the playoffs.  To think the Kings are still up 3-2 just shows you how dominate they were in winning the Western Conference.

So we are back to 2-1 score.  These teams are consistent.  If not for a late empty net goal in game four, four of the five games would have had final scores of 2-1.  We do know one thing that holds true for all five games so far – first team to two wins.

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