BRAVE…to admit it.

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This past weekend after nearly a year of waiting since the teaser trailer debuted during Cars 2 , Disney/Pixar finally released their latest film entitled BRAVE .

Originally named “The Bear and Bow”, the film features the computer-animation company’s first female (and VERY red-headed) protagonist, as well as, the company’s first fairy tale set in the stunningly beautiful, medieval Scottish Highlands.

Princess Merida, a young princess who has been ‘brought-up’ (unbeknownst to her) to marry one of the eldest sons of the three other clans in order to ‘maintain the peace between the clans’, rebels against the union because of her need to make her own choices, live her own life and, as the trailer highlights, “change her fate.”

Throughout her rebellion, events occur that shock both the kingdom and the future of the four clans that are portrayed in the film.  Not to spoil anything, I will say that a cake and ‘a few bears’ are involved; and no, Goldilocks was not available for comment.

Throughout all 93 minutes of this tale, the heart of the story is about breaking traditions and charting your own course in life, love and, well, happiness - even when it calls for a little bit of magic to help things along.

From a technology / production standpoint, the development of BRAVE not only took the team to Scotland in order to capture valuable, artistic references.  It also went through three directors, a co-director and called for an entirely new computer system to be developed in order to make Princess Merida’s hair look natural both in and out of the water; well, as natural as that much curly red hair can look.

Personally, I really enjoyed the film.  Besides taking my wife to see it (which always takes things up a notch for me), the film felt a little closer to home than all of the other Pixar films.  Whether it was the red hair, the (stubborn, yet loving) manner of the characters or the story, itself, I still can’t put my finger on it.

But regardless, it is a great film to see with a friend, a loved one or just by yourself if you’re a longtime Pixar fan like me (and yes, I freely admit that I have been a Pixar fan since 1995 when the first Toy Story movie was released ).

So as we are now officially into summer, I highly recommend that you go and see Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE.  It will take you to a place where magic, bears, bows and kilts set forth a tale that will leave you change your fate.

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