Troubadours: A Fresh Sound In Frederick (The Holy Mtn Interview)

by Cassandra Mullinix. 0 Comments

If you hit venues in Frederick on any given weekend, you are bound to hear a mix of americana, rock ranging from pop to hard core, and electronic dance.  It’s a trio that creates our local staple of live entertainment.  That’s why I was instantly hooked when I first heard the fresh new wave-esque pop style of the recently formed but completely solid band, Holy Mtn.  It feels good to have a new genre in town and supported by a band doing it so well.  Holy Mtn just released a well-produced 5 song EP entitled Delicate Man Thoughts (listen on bandcamp).  Of course it’s easy to pick up on the dramatic vocals, eminent synth sounds, and keys on Delicate Man Thoughts, but the depth of sound doesn’t stop there.  Delicate Man Thoughts is a perfectly moody evening escort that applies the stealthiness of a new wave pop veil to take your auditory nerves on a journey of jazzy drum riffs and down funky guitar wormholes.  Listen loud.  Listen intently.

I had a chance recently to visit Holy Mtn at the band’s favorite practice space and ask them a few questions about breakfast cereal, the band’s sound, and summer fun.  Check out the interview below and don’t miss the show this SUNDAY NIGHT (7/7/12) at Church St. Pub!  It will be an epic line up of Holy Mtn celebrating their EP release, Old Indian, and Silent Old Mtns hosting their official CD release party.

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