The Dark Knight Rises after Comic Con 2012

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Comic Con 2012 was last week and The Dark Knight Rises is coming this weekend (finally).  By the time Sunday rolls around, the world will be so exhausted from the geeky barrage that has happened over the last two weeks they won’t know what to do with themselves.  I know what they can do, go and see The Dark Knight Rises twice!!

But seriously, with Comic Con 2012 now finished and everyone exiting from the San Diego area that came from around the world to experience all of the comic book, movie, television and video game goodies that they could get their hands on, it’s time for a recap.


In regards to movies that were announced, Marvel Studios released titles for the next Thor and Captain America movies.   Thor 2 will be called Thor: The Dark World and as for Capt. 2 , it will be called Captain America: Winter Solider (release date: April 4, 2014).  In regards to who / what the “Winter Soldier” is, check this out.  I don’t know about you, but after reading about the Winter Solider, it’s sounding like there Captain America 1 and 2 will be closely followed by Captain America 3!!

Iron Man 3 (release date: May 3, 2012) is looking to be as intimate of a movie as the first Iron Man in that it will focus much more on the story then on the REALLY COOL special effects; although, I think that the effects will be phenomenal regardless of what the story is going to be.  Check out the website from the link above and stay tuned.  I’m sure that more information will be coming soon.

As for DC Comics , the Man of Steel teaser trailer (and teaser poster ) was presented to the Comic Con crowds with a mention to the effect that the trailer will be featured before The Dark Knight Rises this weekend.  I tell ya, when I go and see The Dark Knight Rises , it’s not only going to be great to see the conclusion of this legendary trilogy, it’s going to be wild to see the new Superman finally take flight.


Comic Con is also a time when various video game developers come out and feature new gameplay for their up-and-coming titles.

The reboot of the Tomb Raider series, ironically named Tomb Raider , had some new gameplay come on to YouTube highlighting the new look-and-feel of the title.  Check it out in the video below:

Also, the studio Gazillion has developed an “action role playing game” entitled Marvel Heroes which enables you to play in a Marvel - themed environment that resembles the Diablo series.  For some insight on the game, check out the video below:

Finally, what would a conference be without rumors.  For me, weeding through all of the rumors that were thrown around, the one that stood out the most was the rumor that K ojima Productions is going to release Metal Gear Solid 5 in the next year or two.

Personally, I have been a Metal Gear Solid fan ever since the original Metal Gear Solid was released for PlayStation back in September, 1998.  The series has gone on to be an international powerhouse, and the thought of another Metal Gear featuring the lead protagonist, Solid Snake, is icing on the cake for me and many, many others.

So with that said, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and if I hear anything else on this “rumor” or any other of the movies mentioned earlier, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you’ve heard about the movies and games mentioned at Comic Con 2012 this year in the comments section below.

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