An evening with Batman and Superman.

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If you’ve read any news online, in a newspaper or watched it on television over the last few days, you might have seen all of the chaos that has revolved around The Dark Knight Rises .

I’m not going to pretend like I know how the families and friends of the souls that were lost during the shooting are feeling.  But what I will say is that I hope that they honor the memories of those lost as best they know how because to die in such a senseless act is truly horrible.

Jump back a few days prior to the events of Aurora, Colorado.

I used the Fandango App on my iPhone to purchase my wife and I tickets to see The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX because I figured for the finale of the Dark Knight Trilogy we might as well go big or go home.

The anticipation leading up to seeing the movie was almost palpable.  All I could think of was...How will it end?  Who will die?  Will there be a new trilogy spun off of this one?  Like I said, it flooded my mind and senses just like the final Star Wars , the final Harry Potter and so forth.

Then the events at Aurora happened, and millions of people around the world were filled with fear of going to the movies.  And in my opinion, rightfully so.

But the workweek ended and the weekend arrived bringing the Saturday evening showing of The Dark Knight Rises for my wife, myself and “possibly” many others to see.

Driving to the theatre I couldn’t get out of my head how there may not be many people that show up to the movie so soon after the shootings.  Would they stay home and wait out the fear that has come over many of us, or would they show their true strength to not live in fear?

Well to put it simply, when my wife and I pulled into the parking lot at the movie theatre, there was NO PLACE TO PARK.  It was jam-packed.  We actually had to park in an overflow lot ( showing up an hour before the movie started, I might add ) and walk a block or two just to get to the theatre.  This gave me some hope that it was going to be a good night.  But read on.

As we approached the theatre on a surprising cool evening given the heat wave that we have been experiencing lately, I saw that the proper precautions were taken by the Police.

Both men and women in blue guarded all points of entry and even a few stayed in the theatre with us during the film.  It’s moments like these that I am very thankful for the men and women that put themselves in harm’s way for our safety.

As we took our seats, we got to see some great trailers.  One of the trailers, which I had heard was going to be premiered before the Dark Knight Rises, was the new teaser trailer for the Man of Steel .

Having grown-up in the 1980’s, “my” Superman was Christopher Reeves.  Watching him fly around the world and save humanity on the big screen was always a highlight for me.

When he passed away a few years ago, it definitely hit me and many others hard.  We had lost “our” Superman. Superman can’t die.

Now, I’m not a fan of the Superman-related shows that have come on television over the last 10ish years.  It’s nothing personal to anyone associated with these productions, and if you like them I totally respect your choice in television programming.  But again, it wasn’t “my” Superman.

A few years ago, Superman Returns was released to some criticism.  Just like Ang Lee’s Hulk movie that came out a few years prior, Superman Returns was seen by some as short-sighted, like they had chosen a Superman that was too young and didn’t fill the role properly.  Well, just like Ang Lee’s Hulk movie, I really enjoyed Superman Returns because it paid homage to the fallen Christopher Reeves by inserting key moments from the original, two Superman movies.

So why have I been going on about Superman when I really should be going on about the incredible, breathtaking finale to the Dark Knight Trilogy?  Simple, when the IMAX trailer played before The Dark Knight Rises showing the new Superman soar into the sky once again, as well as, highlighting the people that are behind its production (including Christopher Nolan - writer/director of the The Dark Knight Trilogy), it once again gave me hope that we may have a great Superman on our hands again.

Seeing the new Superman put me at ease, and let me truly enjoy the movie infront of me and my wife regardless of what events had occurred over the last week.  It let me know, along with the packed theatre, that even though people were probably afraid of this terrible event happening again, they still had the strength to come out and watch the movie saying to themselves and those around them that they were not going to live in fear.

They were coming to the movies with their friends and family to enjoy a film that literally kept them on the edge of their seats until the credits started rolling.

SPOILER ALERT...Kind of...

A note: my wife and I waited, like many others, until the credits finished.  When they did and nothing else was presented, a lot of people jokingly cried out in disgust because they wanted more.  But after the cries faded and people began to laugh at one another, I knew that this was an evening that I will never forget.

I hope that you will go and see the finale to the Dark Knight Trilogy in order to see just how “it all ends”.  If you have enjoyed either of two other films, and no matter what other reviews say, I believe that you will see a film that will keep you talking even after the credits finish.

Be safe, and as always thanks for reading.

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