Tidbits: BORO Party and Three New Local Albums

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It’s actually been some time, just over a month since the Bucket Of Rock party went down at Church St Pub.  We had an excellent turn out and an epic good time.  Church St. Pub is the most welcoming and relaxed space in all Frederick and the sounds of Goodwolf, Bishops, and Silent Old Mtns carried us through the night.  It was a really proud moment for Bucket Of Rock to be able to bring together some great regional bands with our very own and very talented local folks at a local venue.  Big love to everyone who helped organize the event and a million thanks for making the BORO mantra come to life.


Anyway, enough about how awesome the BORO Church St. party was, the real news is that all the bands who took part in the event have since release brand spanking new albums that I thought you all should know about!  Here’s the skinny on each new album.


Silent Old Mtns (Frederick) – Velvet Raccoon

Link: Velvet Raccoon

No finer album has come out of Frederick in a long, long time.  I can guarantee it.  Complete, eat your heart out indie folk rock kids, Silent Old Mtns isn’t playing around, but what else would you expect from a bunch of seriously dedicated musicians.  Velvet Raccoon is a professional mix of avant-garde elements, pop rock, and unique folk inspired vocals that together sway between full on rock jams to laid back sing-a-longs. It’s fun, it’s fresh, and a lot of blood and sweat was put into this album to make every notes its best, definitely a local must have.


Bishops ( Martinsburg, WV ) – Self Entitled

Link: Bishops

I think what I like most about the low-fi indie rock on Bishops new album is that it’s completely non pretentious.  The lyrics are meaningful and the drum rhythms, bass lines, and guitar riff welcomingly familiar rock favorites.  Bishops proves you don’t have to be the Frank Sinatra of singing or the Jimi Hendrix of guitar playing (although Adams can rip on guitar any time he wants) to be a great band.  You just have to believe in your guts and soul and be willing to put yourself on the line.   


Goodwolf ( Morgantown, WV ) - Sh*tty Kids

Link: Sh*tty Kids

Pretty much the perfect title in my opinion, the concept iconifies the idea of young, stubborn, and idealistic 20 something hipsters (not the fake kind… you know the term hipster is kinda passé as always meaning a fake trendy person. For instance this Vice Article sheds some light) living on the skids poor and independently.  Goodwolf’s dreamy indie pop album is right in sync sonically and lyrically.  Nothing is a more classic hipster sound than a snotty male voice full of attitude and a ton of reverb on an electric guitar.  Lyrically the album is full of bad decisions, girls, and a general lack of motivation.  It’s freakin great.


Enjoy some new tunes!

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