Same Face New Place – Omer Asik to the Rockets

by Omar Barakat. 0 Comments

Omer Asik is now a member of the Houston Rockets.  The Chicago Bulls declined to match the 3 year $25.1 million offer sheet Asik signed with the Rockets.  Not bad for a guy who averaged 3.1 points and 5.3 rebounds in 14.7 minutes per game last season.  He played in all 66 games last season starting 2.

I'm not really sure why the Rockets valued Asik so much. Part of the reason they gave him such a ridiculous contract was so that the Bulls would not match. I get that but I'm not really sure Asik is anything more than a backup center. The Rockets paid a lot for Asik and appear ready to start and rely on him for big production unless they are able to land a big time center and if they do and one then they definitely over paid for Asik.


As for the Bulls, it always hurts to lose a serviceable big man. However, the price to keep Asik was simply to steep. Matching the Rockets offer would have not only made the Bulls a luxury tax team, but also would have hamstringed them with respect to moves in the next couple of seasons. While the move was good for Asik it wad tough on both Rockets and the Bulls. Of course the Rockets made their own bed in this deal. The Bulls made the right decision in a semi tough situation.

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