Olympic Thoughts – Day 3

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Here are my thoughts on some of the events I was able to see on day 3 of the Olympic Games.


The men’s team gymnastics final saw China bring home gold with an overall score of 275.997.  Japan won silver with a score of 271.952 while Great Britain brought home the bronze with a score of 271.711.  The results were not without controversy.  Japan’s Kohei Uchimura was the last man to take to the pommel horse with a medal in the balance.  Prior to dismount, a handstand must be held.  The judge’s originally scored Uchimura as though he did not do a handstand and thus did not dismount appropriately.  The result gave Great Britain the silver and Ukraine the bronze.  Japan appealed the decision and the judges decided a handstand had occurred.  With a proper dismount under his belt, Uchimura’s score rose high enough to earn Japan the silver, bump Great Britain to the bronze, and knock Ukraine off the medal stand.  I am not a gymnastics judge, but I do not think Uchimura completed a handstand.  If what he did is a handstand, then sign me up because I could do that.  Seriously though, the judges had it right the first time.  Great Britain and Ukraine were robbed.


I watched some of the men’s 10m platform synchronized diving final.  The Chinese have an utter mastery of this sport.  Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan won the gold in a runaway with a score of 486.78.  It is not even funny how much better these two are than the rest of their competition.  The team of Ivan Garcia and German Sanchez of Mexico surprised in taking the silver with a score of 468.47.  The bronze went to Nick McCrary and David Boudin of team USA who had a score of 463.47.  The team of Thomas Daley and Peter Warfield from Great Britain missed the medal stand with a score of 454.65.

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