Neo Geo X Back Again?

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You can't keep an expensive system down for too long can you? Neo-Geo, the video game system known for it's respected games but more so for its exorbitant price tag, is making something of a comeback this December.

As I have blogged about this previously, the Neo-Geo X is confirmed for releasing this holiday for $199.99. That's pretty much a steal from when it used to cost between $600-$800 for the system and between $100-$250 per game. BALLIN'!

The Neo Geo X comes with the original Neo Geo Arcade Stick, the Charging Dock which looks exactly like the original Neo Geo system and the portable handheld system. The charging dock doubles as a charger and an output device for your TV via HDMI or RCA cables. In addition, the portable system comes pre-loaded with 20 games and has an expandable game slot.

For anyone that couldn't afford the Neo-Geo before (99% of us and myself included), this may be a good chance to relive those nostalgic days in the arcade in your living room with a price that doesn't entire break the bank.

Engadget - Neo Geo X Details

Release Date: 12/6/2012 Cost: $199.99

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