Communication Breakdown: Bucket Of Rock’s Big Birthday Bash

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I'm coming up on the 3yr anniversary of my very own blood and sweat creation, Bucket Of Rock Blog . I'm really proud of how much the Bucket Of Rock family has grown and how much my own knowledge about the local music scene has grown over the last three years and I want to celebrate with YOU!!  Bucket Of Rock will be hosting a local show in honor of this memorious day (really, how did you all survive before BORO? It must have been terrible.) on Saturday, SEPTEMBER 1st. 


Following traditional BORO style, I'll be bringing in one regional band and hooking them up with two of our very own locals.  Our local crew will be Ryan Nicholson’s (from the Old Liners ) NEW band, Heavy Lights getting us all in the groove with some indie pop rock and then Old Indian as the monster rock icing on the cake.  In-between will be our guest from Pittsburgh, PA , Pet Clinic bringing a whole lot of fresh and meaty indie rock noisy goodness to the mix.  The whole shin dig will be held at none other than Guido's Speakeasy and BORO will have some special give-a-ways through out the night.  Check out the Facebook Event here…


Our new friends, Pet Clinic from Pittsburg, PA agreed to do a little interview with yours truly, so that we can get all the awkward first impressions out of the way and get to the business of having fun on Saturday, September 1st…


The Pet Clinic Interview with David Bubenheim , 8/15/12 (written)

As I understand it, Pet Clinic has never been to Frederick , so were going to do this interview “first date” style!  It might be a little awkward, but I won’t ask all those trilogy questions about your life events leading up to this point, musical influence (we all have too many to count), or the nitty gritty of what it took to release your first EP this past spring.  Besides, I think the Pittsburgh City Paper already did a pretty good job of that recently.


BB: I’m an avid traveler and music enthusiast, so one of my favorite first date question to ask is… between New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle which is your favorite major city… BUT we’ll add a twist by asking you, out of the three which city would you burn, which would you move too, and which would you take LSD in and spend a wild night on the town?


David: Burn ‘em all. Then give the acid to all the survivors. Then move away.


BB: I think the second most important question to ask a new friend is… festivals or whole in the wall bars?  (personal preference and/or to play as a band)


David: The hole in a wall.


BB: Now that we got that square, let’s talk about music a little bit.  I like to avoid the “what are your major influences” question.  I don’t think it’s the end of goal of any honest band to sound like another band.  Influences are always way more primordial.  For instance, I’ll never forget my first tape (50’s rock and roll greatest hits) and record (the electric slide single) when I was six and I’m pretty sure they both still have an influence on my musical tastes today.  What was the first vinyl record, tape, or CD that was truly yours and that you played non stop?


David: Tom Waits - Bone Machine


BB: I’m betting there are some folks from Frederick who haven’t been to Pittsburgh and since you all are natives, I thought I’d ask what is your favorite neighborhood hang out spot in Pittsburgh?  (be sure to describe the place a little)


David: There are some haunted bank buildings downtown to check out. Miss Rose – you can smell her perfume before you meet her.


BB: I read a quote that the band name was derived from this concept…

“On Rt. 8, there once was a clinic were I took my pets to be cared for. A lot of animal souls leave the earth in pet clinics. Unless there are animal ghosts? Then it’s haunted.”

…and I’ve seen pictures of cats on your Facebook page here and there.  At the very least, you all seem to like animals in general, so if you were reincarnated as an animal, what animal would you be and why?

David: Canadian Wolf. I miss my home.  

BB: Lastly, just for fun, write a metaphorical description of what your set at Guido’s Speakeasy with locals Old Indian and Heavy Lights in Frederick, MD will be like.


David: Spontaneous human combustion is real. I get dangerously over-heated, runs in the family. Set papers on fire with our hands. It’ll be something with a lot of heat.  


That about wraps it up frederick !  Come out and meet our new compadres and party with the BORO crew, Saturday September 1st at Guido’s Speakeasy , 9pm.

Don't forget to check out Bucket Of Rock on Facebook for daily happenings and weekly local show updates.

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