Hello. Again.

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So … that was fun. And by “fun,” I mean …

Anyways, welcome back. A week gone and words could never begin to describe exactly how much I’ve missed you, the fantastically well-read blog-veiwer. I say “welcome back” under the pretense that “you were here” in the first place, and depending on what your definition of “you” is … well, I could be typing this for less than nobody. But hey — why focus on the bad, when there is just so much good in the world, right? And by “good,” I mean …

Actually, how about we focus on three things that we missed as I sat on a beach and pretended to like sun and vacations. Why do this? Well, it’s the easiest way to get reacquainted, silly. Quick recaps — the only method to truly say hello after waving goodbye.

Behold the following things as a nice, “Let’s get to re-find each other” card that Hallmark still hasn’t figured out how to properly illustrate. TV Without A TV: Your one-stop shop for failed Hallmark card ideas. Yes. The sky is the limit.

Arianna Huffington will soon rule the world and there is absolutely, positively nothing anybody can do about it.

Maybe the most interesting development in the world of TV and the Internet over the past seven days is the unveiling of what has been dubbed HuffPost Live, The Huffington Post’s attempt at a live news channel, made strictly, of course, for the web. The site went live on Monday with Ms. Huffington herself giving a rousing speech about why you should love her website’s brand new toy. From that newspaper that uses Mr., Mrs. and Ms. all the time’s Mr. Brian Stelter …

“The online channel is one of the most ambitious attempts yet to rethink what television should look and feel like when streamed over the Internet,” he wrote last week. “Accordingly, a chat box took up the same amount of space as the live video, and a bright red button labeled ‘join this segment’ let viewers sign up to participate through their own webcams. The segments themselves, at least initially, did not stray much from a TV script. The first hour, from 10 to 11 a.m. Eastern time, was dominated by talk about the presidential race and about the actress Jennifer Aniston’s engagement to the actor Justin Theroux. But the people talking were a mixture of paid hosts and unpaid viewers at home. ‘Continue commenting!’ a host encouraged chatters at the end of the first hour. ‘We love it, love it, love it.’

Oh, what high cheek bones and enthusiasm can do for one’s career.

All in all, the site is … busy and it appears exactly like you would think The Huffington Post’s live Internet news channel would appear. Good-looking young people who have no desire to wear a tie or dress pants. A “newsroom” as a backdrop that has shadows lurking like some bad murder mystery B-movie. Constant commenting. An invitation to “join this segment.” Multiple reminders that Cadillac and Verizon are the two companies who are essentially financing the thing. And, of course, endless explanations of what’s “hot.”

Don’t believe me? You can check it out for yourself here. Warning: Jon Hunstsman’s daughter loves posing for cameras.

Apple TV continues to be the pretty girl who won’t stop flirting with you, even though you know she has a boyfriend.

The big news last week about Steve Jobs’s final quest for world domination? The Big Black And White is seemingly talking to cable operators to bring live television to its upcoming, world-changing device it plans on issuing at some point between tonight and 2076. Because such was initially reported by the Wall Street Journal (and the Wall Street Journal has a pay-wall), a link to that story would be worth about as much as HuffPost Live will be worth in six years.

What I can do you for you, however, is note this fantastic piece from Quentin Fottrell over at the Smart Money blog that addresses how much money Apple’s next earth-shattering product may be able to save consumers of television …

“By striking such a deal, Apple would spare cable companies the expense of supplying and maintaining rented set-top boxes — and the hassle of trying to retrieve them when contracts end,” he wrote. “Consumers pay $10 to $15 to rent boxes from cable companies. The average monthly cable bill is $86, according to the NPD Group … There are some big financial incentives for cable operators to get out of the hardware business and focus on wireless and cable services.”

Oh, Apple TV. Just finish your drink and catch a cab, already. Come find us when or if you ever become single again.

15 days and counting.

September 4. No, that’s not just the day after the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, silly. It’s also the day the show formerly known as “Live With Regis and Kathy Lee” will officially be dubbed “Live With Kelly And … ” (Those dots are the things that will change). Take it away, Lisa …

“A new Permanent Person Upstaged by Kelly Ripa has been chosen for syndicated talk show ‘Live with Kelly,’ Disney said Monday,” Ms. De Moraes wrote Monday night before noting, with her tongue placed firmly in the side of her cheek, that “Disney added that the new co-host won’t officially be revealed until Sept. 4 — a.k.a. about one week after the name hits the tabloids.”

Early odds the new host will be a former intern at “Total Request Live?” 5-to-1.


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