Learning in a Treehouse or at the Academy

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So technology is all around us.  It’s in our phones, our televisions and our computers.  Heck, it’s in our blenders, refrigerators and, every now and then, in our meatloaf.  Well, maybe not our meatloaf.  I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

I’m a self-proclaimed “tech guy”.  I enjoy keeping up on whatever tech is the latest-and-greatest, as well as, conveying that technology to anyone who is willing to listen so that they can benefit from my own trials and tribulations.

On the other hand, I’m also a full time professional.  So blogging, eating , gaming, exercising ...it’s all done after the 9-to-5.  Now like a lot of professionals out there today, I don’t have a lot of time to learn new tricks to help out with the 9-to-5 without going back to school which, of course, takes times and cha-ching ($$).

But what if there was another option for learning a new skill like, say, coding / programming applications and websites?  That “other” option comes in two flavors.  Paid and, that’s right, FREE.

Now the paid option is from “ Team Treehouse ” at https://teamtreehouse.com/ .  Providing monthly plans for either $25 or $49 a month, you can learn all about Web Design, Web Development and even how to develop iOS applications (applications that run on Apple devices) all through an intuitive, learning environment that really does “teach” you how to code without overloading you with all of the extra stuff that would put you to sleep in no time.

For me, I took the second, free option which has made me a believer in learning how to code.  It’s as fun as learning to code can be through its straight-forward learning environment, and it goes by the name of “ Codecademy ” ( http://www.codecademy.com) .

Codecademy, like Treehouse, provides “badges” that signify accomplishments that you make when you finish exercises and challenges, and even gives you the ability to maintain a “streak” for how many days you continue to learn - helping to reinforce what you learn because if you’re like me, if I don’t keep up with things, I tend to forget...really...quickly.

What was I saying?  Oh yeah...

So if you work in technology, or just want to put a few more skills on your “skill belt”, check out Treehouse and Codecademy .  They’ll open your eyes and mind to a whole new way of learning...to code.

As always, thanks for reading and keep those comments a-comin’!

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