Tooting your horn

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One could say that as people get older they mature and they learn valuable social skills. While this is true for most people, there are always exceptions in one way or another. Perhaps one of the most irritable and unattractive habits that a person could have is constantly talking about and glorifying their accomplishments. Lately, I have felt like the act of humility, in the sense of not going on and on about one’s achievements, is one that I think that people have been struggling with lately.

Being a particularly humble person myself, I feel very uncomfortable when I’m asked to talk about my achievements. I’m always afraid that people will think that I’m bragging so I tend to stay away from such topics.

Most of the people that I am close with are humble like I am in the sense that they don’t “toot their horn” on a regular basis. Just the other day, a few friends and I were talking about applications for school organizations and how uncomfortable it is to answer the questions where you are asked to “explain why you are so great”!

My parents have always made a point to me that you should never be too humble either. Striking a fine balance is very important.

I’d like to make it clear that I definitely believe that it is okay to share with your friends if you did something exceptional, and you should indulge others as long as you don’t let the conversation go on for too long. One should be proud of their accomplishments and it is important to always keep your successes in mind as motivation to continue to put in effort in any area of work. If one is sharing their achievements with others, I would never condone playing things down in order to avoid hurting other’s feelings.

Keeping this in mind, conversation takes a turn to a more pretentious, arrogant mood when one is not able to stop talking about his or her accomplishments. I always enjoy hearing about the great things that my friends have done because I feel genuinely happy for them and I am proud of what they have done. However, when somebody might not know how or when to stop the conversation, others will become annoyed and tend to like the ostentatious person a bit less.

Anyone that goes to school or goes to work on a daily basis knows a few people that seem to fit the bill of “my favorite topic is myself,” and they must deal with them as a part of their daily routine.

We all have our own moments where we tend to go on a little more than necessary, and as I have written in the past, I believe that social networking has a huge influence on our actions and maybe even our personalities. The bragging on Facebook and Twitter seems to be increasing, which is even easier to do so on the Internet because you can go on for as long as you want, without even needing an audience. Unless someone is called out on their behavior, this can go on for a long time. As unfortunate as it is, what you put on the Internet really can make leave impression on somebody, positive or negative.

Who knows who will hear or even read what you have written about yourself? Everybody appreciates somebody with a humble personality who knows where the line between pretentious and proud lies. Even in a world where standing out almost seems to be a must, we always need to remember to be modest in order to keep our egos in check.


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