Communication Breakdown: Words On War, Letters To Baltimore

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A lot of people talk about the war, veterans, and what they want to do for our boy’s proudly serving us at home and overseas.  Most of its just talk, but occasionally that talk can add up to something great!  Mike Beresh is certainly one whose been talking a lot about the subject these days, singing actually, with his creative endeavor Letters To Baltimore.  You see, Baltimore resident Mike Beresh’s family has a beautifully tragic history with Highlandtown and World War II…


“Michael Beresh of the Americana rock group, The Country Devils, set out in September of 2009 on a new project, recounting through music the events of his great uncles’ Walter and Henry Beresh' WWII travels. Walter and Henry, both employees at Bethlehem steel lived in Highland town. During WWII, they served at Anzio Beach-Head and Bastogne Belgium, writing detailed letters of their accounts, and in Walter’s case, poems for their Baltimore family. Both brothers were killed in action and never returned home.”

- Michael Beresh’s Letters to Baltimore from the War, Press Release


The Letters To Baltimore project was so successful at its first showing in 2010, that Mike was approached by Baltimore ’s Veterans Artist Program to create a second compilation of Letters To Baltimore using vivid war time accounts from four modern day veterans and one Gold Star Mother.  Letters to Baltimore volume two was performed on Veterans Day last year in 2011 and again received outstanding community praise.


I’ve been talking about all of this in the past tense, but the lucky part for us is that Mike Beresh will be gracing us with another opportunity to catch Letters To Baltimore, both volumes I and II, LIVE in a single session at the Wind Up Space in Baltimore on 10/20/12.


The event is set to be a showcase of local music artistry combined with a humble honoring of our men and women in service.  Mike’s voice that is cool on the surface, but has so much depth to absorb and convey all of that emotion and the Americana style acoustics lend perfectly to tell the tales of soldiers.  Mike will be accompanied by Adam Miller, fellow Baltimore Americana artist of the band Lawnchair in addition.  I’ve been listening to the recording of Letters To Baltimore, volume I and volume II and it’s truly a stand alone album.  It doesn’t feel like a side project and you don’t have to be a soldier to enjoy the lyrics.  This album is probably the closest I’ve ever felt in being able to connect to our soldier experience overseas.  Music is always a great medium to relate and cope with the hardest challenges in life.  I’m glad that Mike set out to create these songs and help bridge the gap between our country and our armed forces.


Event: Letters To Baltimore

Date: 10/20/12

Place: The Wind Up Space, Baltimore MD

Time: 8pm


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