Halloween Musing

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Well the weather certainly pulled a nasty trick on us, didn’t it? And we were the lucky ones, I guess--we aren’t under water, we aren’t buried in snow, and for those of us without power, it should be back on by tonight in several days. (So they say.)

But were any of us really prepared if the storm had really done its worst in our area? Would we be able to manage for more than three days without power, let alone the weeks that New York and New Jersey are looking at?

And how many of us would have helped one another, perhaps pooling our resources to make up for what each other might have lacked?

I’ve seen images and heard stories about folks pulling together years ago when downtown flooded before the Carroll Creek project to manage the overflow. And I’ve heard that some people helped each other during the Snowmaggedon and SnOMG events...but I haven’t seen it.

I have friends in New York who, just because they still had power and water, put out Facebook invitations to their homes (tiny apartments, really) for respite and a shower to ANYONE who knew them--close friends and acquaintances alike--who didn't have those necessary luxuries.

What kind of community are we here in Frederick? Are we just looking out for number one when things get crazy or are we truly neighbors?

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