Medal of Failure: Getting Worse

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I enjoy a good First Person Shooter. If the multiplayer is good, then I'm good to go. If the single player is alright, then I'll complete it. If neither are good, then the game is a wash.

I bought the 2010 reboot of Medal of Honor and my initial reception was hot. I truly enjoyed the original Medal of Honor games for the Sony PlayStation and I was willing to plunk down some money to get the reboot. Well, that was my fatal mistake.

The story of the 2010 reboot was just a 4-6 hour romp of kicking down doors and just shooting bad guys. The pacing was so off that I could accurately predict when when to shoot, where to go and then the next loading screen would just pop up. The multiplayer was just awful. Maps were short, bugs were present, gunplay was just off and the acoustics were quite muffled.

After trying the sequel which was released about a week or two back, very little improvements were made.

It's kind of sad actually. I wanted to like the game but the elements just weren't there. However, Electronic Arts stated that their "internal" reviewers thought the game was pretty good and that critics just don't like the game.

MOH: Warfighter should have been better.

You know it's a sign when a game isn't going to review well until the reviewers receive their review copies on the game's release date. FOUL. Apparently, Danger Close, the developers of MOH: Warfighter, issued a Day One patches which address over 105 bug fixes for the game. Although it's perfectly acceptable to have a game come with some bugs, having over 100 speaks of a poor quality product with many that should have been addressed prior to the game's release date.

In addition, you have some achievements/trophies that aren't unlocking when certain criteria has been met and no word from EA on that front.

No achievements/trophies for you.

Trying to get over 5 million copies sold/shipped? Someone in corporate must smoking something.

It seems that EA wants a piece of the holiday season pie but because of Assassin's Creed III, Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 releasing within weeks of each other, EA will just have settle for stale fruitcake instead.

Release Date: 10/23/2012 Rating: Mature MSRP: $59.99

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