Like! Tweet! Pin! Repeat! – How to Keep Social Media Under Control

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You listened when you heard that you need to have a great web site, an active Facebook account, regularly tweet , keep up to date on LinkedIn , and maybe even start pinning away on Pinterest . All of a sudden, there’s a seemingly uncontrollable online presence that needs to be juggled. What do you do if you’re getting way too many emails, posts, or tweets to begin to respond to? Or worse, what if you’re getting nothing at all?

Managing the online presence of a business, whether you’re in rodent control or high end retail, is a full-time job. Literally. That’s why there are so many job descriptions looking for marketing or writing pros with online specialties.

When You Can’t Hire a Full-Time Pro

Most small businesses simply don’t have it in the budget to hire someone full-time to take care of online marketing. That doesn’t mean you need to start closing down accounts. However, take a good look at what’s serving you, what isn’t, and what could be done better. Maybe a certain site, like Pinterest, just doesn’t fit into your target demographic. Maybe there’s not enough time to regularly contribute high quality blog posts. If your staff is small and already juggling a big workload, it might be time to start trimming the fat.

What You DO Need

A well-developed web site and active Facebook page are the bare minimum. Keep in mind that the key words here are “well-developed” and “active.” A web site or Facebook page is completely useless if it is unattractive (ahem, you just aren’t getting enough hits). You may not have it in the budget to hire a full-time social media manager, but you need to find the cash to hire a high quality web developer. Take the time to really flesh out your Facebook page and start reaching out to potential customers or complementary businesses that are in a similar industry but are not your direct competitor.

Take it Seriously

Social media is, for many businesses, the new face of marketing – and it needs to be treated as such. You wouldn’t throw together a last minute campaign if you were in charge of the new TV spots for Coca Cola, would you? Of course not. The same care and time needs to be put into every social media and web avenue you have. It’s worth the effort to create a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual game plan for whoever is in charge of web presence (even if that’s you).

Schedule in time every single day to at least check in on Facebook. Check out all web presence weekly for any outdated information. Preferably update posts, Tweets, pins, and blogs daily. For Twitter, you can use a tool like TweetDeck to schedule posts ahead of time, and similar tools exist for other platforms. This should take one hour at the most unless a significant overhaul is needed. Make it a priority. One hour of your business day is all it should take to keep things under control.

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