It’s Black Friday. What’s up?

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The turkey is gone. The football is in full swing. You’ve already read this about the perils of Thanksgiving Day. And maybe most importantly, you still have about six hours to go on your holiday shift at a newspaper.

OK. So, maybe that last part is just for me.

Anyway, what’s next? Well, the countdown to Christmas has now officially begun as retailers that clearly have no grasp on tradition keep forcing the Black Friday festivities further and further back. Forget 6 a.m. deals the day after turkey day — how about the 10 p.m. deals on Thanksgiving itself?! Before you know it, the holiday will be moved to Wednesday to afford people time to buy that 90-inch television for $0.49 by noon on Thursday.

That in mind, what better time than now to take a look at some gift possibilities for those who may be looking to drop the hint that people should finally cut the cord on their cable television packages? So, as the day begins to melt into night, and the night begins to transform into morning, I thought I would take the time to compile a list of some of the deals aimed at helping us all save a little money on our Internet TV habits.

Behold five ideas for when you venture out into the cold to stand next to some drunken aunt who insists on landing that $4 copy of “Call Of Duty” for her nephew she never sees. Yes, friends. You are welcome.

The New Apple TV

All right, so the flirtatious Mac guys have yet to grant us a proper Internet television product. I get it. But even so, there is this tiny box that you can run out and get for a fairly low price (under a hundred bucks, even!), especially now that Black Friday is upon us. You can essentially find them anywhere — from Wal-Mart to Best Buy and all the big box stores in between — and if nothing else, you can giggle at all the shoppers clamoring to buy a new iPad mini as you easily snatch up one of these bad boys.

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A Netflix subscription

Every single time I go out on a limb and buy someone a Netflix package for Christmas, they never look back. Three months is all you need to truly get hooked to the product and a mere eight bucks is almost literally impossible to feel the loss of in your pocketbook each month. Side bonus: You’ll totally understand what the single most popular blog feature in the world, Netflix Pix, is all about!

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LG Smart TV (G2 Series)

Still wondering what’s the deal with Google TV? Turns out, if you pick up one of these televisions as you are out racing for deals on DVDs you’ll never watch, you’ll also be walking home with a television fully equipped with the technology and ready to access at your fingertips. Plus, it’s the world’s first 3D Google TV, and who doesn’t want to see what that’s about? Yeah, the remotes are big and weird, but how’d you like to be the only person on your block that can access your Gmail account at the touch of a button … on your television? That’s what I thought.

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Digis BD-500 Blu-ray Player

I grabbed up one of these things for a couple friends last year (a Blu-ray player, not this model), and the gift nearly made them bid adieu to cable altogether. Why is that? Most models now come with built-in access to Netflix and Hulu. Plus, these things can also play regular DVDs, meaning you won’t have to start over on your movie collection in order to use it. This is a particularly popular item for tonight and tomorrow because … well, every store in the world has a great deal on them. And at a price now near 30 bucks, why not see what all the fuss is about?

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A Hulu Plus Membership

Next to Netflix, this is the best streaming service available and at $7.99 a month, what’s there to lose, really? It features almost every NBC show in the universe and other networks aren’t absent, either. Plus, these guys have an original catalogue that is on par with most any other Internet streaming service around. Still not sold? Venture over to to check out how convenient and easy the product is to use. You’ll change your mind almost immediately.

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So, there you have it. Five ideas for what to look for when you brave the elements this Black Friday/Thursday or Cyber Monday. Now, put down that disgustingly bland cranberry sauce and go get your spot in line!


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