Creating a Successful Social Strategy for Your Business

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The online world is quickly turning to social media and networking sites to lead the way. This provides a very powerful tool that you can use for your business website and blog. Whether your business handles outdoor mosquito control or monster trucks, you can use social media sites to help create a very powerful marketing strategy.

One of the largest benefits social marketing provides is called viral marketing. When you post a message, blog post or anything else to a social account and others share it with their friends/fans/followers, you gain the power of viral marketing. Your message could potentially reach millions of people without much work from you. Here’s four ways to start getting your brand out to the masses.

Real Profiles

Social marketing is worthless if all you do is create profiles with fake pictures and share links from your blog posts. It's much more powerful to create a real profile, share your links, interact with your followers and actually treat your profiles as they are your own. You can do this on both a personal and business level.

Only Three Profiles

A mistake many businesses make is they try to create profiles on all the social sites. This can become very overwhelming and is unnecessary. Most of the people on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are on the others, as well. You only need to pick three of the larger choices and join them. Once you get the hang of three, you can add a few more. In an earlier post I explained managing your social media presence.

Add "like" or "share" buttons to your site

After you have your three profiles set up, you need a way to invite others to follow you on your chosen profiles. Each site will give you some tools to utilize your email contacts for this task, but you also want to add the buttons from all three to your website. You can add buttons to allow visitors to share your content (pages and posts) on their profiles and you can also add buttons allowing them to follow you.

Adding Value

The final part of your strategy is the one that most businesses miss. Your social profiles will become a community of like-minded people and you need to add value to that community. If you simply promote your products or just post your links, you are not adding value. You need to engage the users and if you can, give away things free. This could be information, sample product or anything your community can use.

Adding these four factors to your social strategy can easily help you increase your business and keep your customers updated. As your community grows, you can introduce sales, coupon offers, freebies and more through your community. If you have continue to update your profiles and add information over time, you can expect a better than average response rate.

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