Finding a Cure through Collaboration and Love

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Whether you are new to “Weave to the Write” or if you are one of my many, loyal readers, you need to know one thing: I love video games.   Shocker , I know.

But with that love, I will always love something more - the people who make and / or play video games.  People of all shapes, sizes, ages, beliefs and play-styles make up the international community of gamers.  And without the community of gamers that exists throughout the world, the video game industry would literally not exist.

Now, gaming is collaboration .  Collaboration is cooperation .  And while we are at it, cooperation is supporting a cause that will provide a cure for what is currently least for the moment.

This holiday season I have been privy to more people with serious diseases than I have ever been in my entire life.  Respectfully, it scares me to see all of what I have seen.  And what really bothers me is that I know I’m not alone.

What lessens, or rather what eradicates my fear is the love and support that I have seen for those living with these diseases.  In a time when we should ALL be celebrating the joy of the holidays, thousands of people are donating their time and funds to support those that are less fortunate.

One outpouring of love and support that my wife and I were able to recently attend at a fundraising event in Columbia, Maryland was for the Meghan’s Smile organization.

Meghan Baker is the 19-month-old daughter of an old friend of mine, David Baker, and his wife, Amy.  She has a genetic disease (known as MECP2 Duplication Syndrome ) that causes her body to not function properly.  She will be severely to profoundly mentally disabled, may have seizures, may not be able to walk, and will have limited-to-no speech.  She is also very prone to respiratory infections.

She is currently getting regular treatment at a special daycare Monday thru Friday, but the more support she (and many others with MECP2 Duplication Syndrome) has, the better the chance there will be for her to have a higher quality of life, not to mention, the possibility of a cure.

Now as a redhead myself, Meghan already has a special place in my heart because hey, redheads need to support other redheads. :)

But what I need to ask of YOU, whether you are a redhead or not, is for your support with this great , non-profit organization: Meghan’s Smile .

“Like” and follow the organization on Facebook , donate funds through PayPal and other methods in Meghan’s name through the MECP2 Duplication Syndrome Fund , and / or provide whatever support you can - including encouraging your friends, family and coworkers to support the organization.

Check out their Facebook page for more information on how to help.  Supporting this organization now and in the future will truly help those that have the disease; including those that love and care for them.

Note: ALL funds that are donated to Meghan’s Smile are 100% matched .  So the funds that are donated are doubled!!!

There is always hope for a cure.  And with your help, the children and families affected by this disease can be, well, hope -ful.

So please support Meghan’s Smile .  And while you’re at it remember that with all of the support that you have given this redhead and “Weave to the Write”, supporting my new, favorite redhead, Ms. Meghan Baker, will not only give me ALL of the support that I have or ever will want with my blogs, you will support something much more worthwhile - the life and happiness of Meghan.

As always, thank you for reading AND for your support.

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