Emerging Social Network May Fill Large Void in Online Family Connections

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 Facebook was originally developed as a social networking site that connected classmates. Since then, this social giant has exploded to virtually own the market on friends and acquaintances. Likewise, LinkedIn filled a need in the social networking, or rather professional networking, world that allowed professionals to connect with one another for employment purposes.

Of course you have Twitter, FourSquare, Google+ and the virtually obsolete MySpace, but all of these platforms have one thing in common: they are very, very public. Many individuals have created accounts on one or more of these networks for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with family over long distances or busy schedules. Even so, a large portion of these users would prefer a network that was more private… more exclusive… more like family.

JustFamily to the Rescue

It seems like such an intuitive need, that you’d assume someone would have introduced a network specifically for your closest relationships a long time ago. Despite being seemingly obvious, however, an online platform designed for just your family has only just begun to emerge. Leave it to mass entrepreneur and founder Nate Quigley to recognize the void and offer substance to fill it.

JustFamily, as the name would suggest, is a new kind of social networking site that allows you to create private connections with other members of your family. One might even go so far as to call it family networking — the online version of family reunions but better. It’s perfect for families who live hours, if not days apart, as well as for close families who’d like to share intimate thoughts and photographs easily, without the rest of the world being privy to it.

Great! But Is It User Friendly?

If you’re a regular user of Facebook, Google+ or both, you probably won’t have too hard of a time learning the platform. Indeed, the overall look of the site is very similar to that of Facebook, while the functionality seems to be more in line with Google+.

The beauty of JustFamily, however, is that it’s designed to be used by all family members who have access to the Web. That means that if Grandma isn’t too sure about joining an online site, she can still interact with the rest of the family via email. It doesn’t take any special software to use as it’s completely Web-based. (Sorry guys… no construction management software to play with this time.)

Yes, but Will It Catch On?

We all know the Internet is a fickle sort of place, so only time will tell if this will be a boom or bust. Generous corporate contributions to the further development and expansion of the platform are encouraging; who would invest in something they felt would fail, after all?

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