What a shock!

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         just couldn’t believe it!




John Trout?  

This mischievous, enterprising, upstanding veteran COMMITTED SUICIDE???  I kept reading:




 Doesn’t poison usually hurt or at least make you unconscious?  I’m no expert on poisons, but I’ve never heard of one that allows you to “calmly await death.”  And he was conscious until 6pm?


 If he wasn't despondent, why did he commit suicide?  And who provided information to the paper about how he felt about old age?  Based on the few articles I had just read, I could see he had taken a lot of trouble 10 years earlier to find a second wife at age 71.  It seemed so uncharacteristic of him to just "give up."  And he wasn't even in poor health!

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                I was heartbroken and relieved at the same time.  It stated clearly that he was a Union veteran.  If he was pensioned, I should be able to find those records.  And, his search for a 2nd wife turned out successfully because he did remarry!  

 But, it just didn’t make sense!  

 I had already been in serious like of John Trout.  In between those reels of old newspapers I fell in love with John Trout.  Losing him to suicide was like losing my own grandfather.

 Paris Greens?  What’s that?

 Why in the world would he do that??


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