“Say VGA TEN again! I double-dare ya!!”

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On Friday, December 7 th , Spike TV aired their tenth anniversary Video Game Awards (VGAs).  Entitled “VGA TEN” and hosted by Samuel L. Jackson (now going by the name “Sam” Jackson), the show provided musical appearances by Tenacious D , Snoop Lion (previously Snoop Dawg), as well as, numerous awards to gaming companies of all sizes.

Personally, I really enjoyed the fact that an “episodic” game, The Walking Dead: The Game , won the coveted Game of the Year award.  I also really enjoyed that ThatGameCompany , creator of the new downloadable game Journey  for PlayStation 3, also walked away with quite a few awards.

But the icing on the cake for me was not only the exclusive videos that follow in this blog; it was also the introduction to VGA TEN – South Park style :

Following the introduction, six, exclusive trailers were shown for some of 2013’s hottest up-and-coming titles.  They were Konami’s Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 , Epic Games’ Gears of War: Judgment , Obsidian and South Park Studios’ South Park: The Stick of Truth , Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us , Moby Dick Studio’s The Phantom Pain and finally Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ reboot of Tomb Raider .

So sit back, relax and enjoy the videos below.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2

Gears of War: Judgment

South Park: The Stick of Truth

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The Last of Us

The Phantom Pain ( possibly Metal Gear Solid 5 )

Tomb Raider

One final note, I was disappointed not to see something on Ubisoft’s newest title that was unveiled at E3 2012 entitled Watch Dogs .  But as Ubisoft is very good at developing in-depth stories and all-encompassing game worlds, I’m sure that they are hard at work at this new title which will most likely be unveiled again at E3 2013 when the next generation of consoles are announced (I hope).

Until then, thanks for reading .  Please let me know your thoughts on this year’s VGA’s in the comments section below. 

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