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As a business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to market your business. Social marketing offers several effective marketing tools. To share your expertise and build a fan base, utilize blog comments.

Place People First

Of course, you want to build your business, but that goal can’t be your primary reason for sharing comments. Readers and blog owners see hundreds of comments every day, and they know when a poster is sincere. Earn their trust and more traffic to your website when you prioritize people before profit.

Build Relationships

Placing people first leads to trusting relationships. As you comment on industry blogs, you build a relationship with the blog owner. Likewise, their readers become familiar with you and your business. As you share your knowledge and build relationships, your build your business too.

Find Appropriate Blogs

With your target audience in mind, find popular blogs that also target this demographic. For example, if you sell cost estimating software , look for blogs that cater to the construction or HVAC community. To reach the largest audience, choose established blogs with an active community.

Be an Authority

On the popular blogs you find, start reading the content. When you find a post that asks a question you can confidently answer, post an answer. With thousands of businesses vying for new customers, you need to stand out. Your knowledge gives you authority that attracts new customers to your business.

Add Value

If can add something of value to the blog conversation, then post a comment. If the subject is one you’re not knowledgeable about, skip the comment section. Likewise, you don’t want to post a comment solely to leave a link to your website. Instead, focus on adding value to the blog conversation.

Link Carefully

If the blog owner allows links, add thoughtful links. Hyperlinks target one or two words in your comment and direct readers to your website or other valuable information. While you want to attract business to your company, establish further credibility by linking to other reputable sources.

Time your Comments Wisely

Posting the first comment isn’t always the best practice. Instead, focus on quality. Write a comment that benefits the blog owner, the readers and the industry. Whether you’re the first or last to comment, be sure you’re adding value to the conversation.

Keep it Brief

Social media users and online readers skim content. By keeping your comments brief, you deliver the message you want to send without overwhelming readers. Aim to include one comment per post, and keep the sentences short.

Blog comments are an effective way to build your business. Focus on blogs that target your customer demographic and leave knowledgeable, valuable comments. In time, you establish yourself as an authority and draw new customers to your website.

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