Bicycling In Frederick

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Greetings, Frederick. This entry will be short and sweet.

My name is Bill Smith, and I've lived in Frederick City since 1989. I bicycle about four thousand miles each year and drive nearly twenty thousand, so I feel I can empathize and see the viewpoints of both cyclists and motorists. Since 1976 I have recorded almost 140,000 bicycle miles. My wife and I have been members of the Frederick Pedalers Bicycle Club ( since 1990 and have both served in various leadership capacities. I am not a racer and never will be. I do not ride fast, but I can ride long distances. I've reached the age where my motto is “start slowly and then ease off.”

The purposes of this blog will be to (1) disseminate information about bicycling in Frederick City and County and the improvements in cycling infrastructure currently in progress, (2) discuss the various approaches to riding safely and coexisting with motorists, (3) point out to non-cyclists why cyclists do what they do, (4) promote the activities of the city's Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (of which I am a member), and (5) anything else related to bicycling that comes to mind, such as fitness, helmets, technique, advocacy, events, etc. It should be noted that the opinions herein are mine, and may not necessarily reflect those of the Committee.

I'll close with some thoughts. First, why ride a bicycle instead of driving? Simple - because it is enjoyable. Yes, it's good for a workout and the environment, but that's not why I like riding. I read once that a bicycle is a very unique mode of transportation, because its passenger/driver is also its engine. A bicycle takes one on a journey in which, unlike an automobile, you are not an observer but part of the landscape. On a bicycle one can drink in the sights and smells, breathe the fresh air, inhale the sweet aroma of bacon in the morning as it escapes from a farmhouse or the smoky taste of an afternoon barbecue.  From a bicycle seat one can enjoy a beautiful sunrise or a sunset – or, as I have, both (on the same ride). One can ride three miles or three hundred (in one day). Speed is irrelevant – the journey is the destination. And when the ride is over – reach for that extra slice of pizza with little concern for the calories.

See you out there.

Bill (

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