Enough of the blame game.

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I played a lot of video games when I was growing up. Primarily, it was the Nintendo Entertainment System (N.E.S.) that was my system of choice and I have fun, fond memories of it. Fast Forward 20 years and I still play my older NES games. Due to my upbringing, I always knew that gaming is a work of fiction. You can't take them too seriously and they are there to become a source for entertainment and can also be used for positive purposes as well.

Speaking as a 27 year old mature gamer, I find it pointless for other groups to say that video games are a source for breeding killers and facilitating violence among the masses. The Newtown, Connecticut tragedy that had happened a few weeks back prompted the National Rifle Association put out a statement that our culture is violent and blamed video games for it. Now, a national ban of Assault Rifles is currently being debated in Washington D.C. and personally, I highly doubt it will do anything to curb the violence; it may backfire. No Assault Rifles? Then, a handgun. Banning a handgun? I can find something else. But, that's legislation for you.

Video games are often the target of it being violent and yet, other sources of media don't receive their share of the blame. Movies and TV Shows don't receive as much criticism and yet, so much of the violence that happens in our country is usually blamed on video games. I grew up playing Doom, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil and a lot of other violent games and I turned out just fine. As a matter of fact, multiple studies have shown and proven that violent video games hardly causes violent behavior to those who play them.

Time: Violent Gaming Study

Personally, parents should monitor their children and watch what they do. Just check up on your kids and make sure that you are there for them all the time. Monitor what your kids do, who they hang out with, what activities they are in, the whole nine yards. If you buy a video game, please make sure to check out the rating. Just movies, video games also receive rating based on its content. It is in poor judgment to buy your 8 year old child Call of Duty or MadWorld as it is not the right game that your child should be playing. It's not to late to get  your kids help. The parents have the control and let's make sure it stays that way. Step your game up.

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