If You Don’t Master Social Media Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

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Whether you’re a grizzled writer from the newsroom days or you’re a fresh-faced twenty-something just out of journalism school, writing for the web is a totally different challenge than what you were taught in school. For starters, it’s all about social media  ?  so toss your AP guide in the bookcase and leave your semicolons at home.

So What if Facebook’s Stock Tanked?

Here’s the thing about Facebook: it still has a billion users. A billion people. Connected. To each other. For free! And unless you’re living under the snooty I-don’t-DO-Facebook rock, chances are you’re updating and reading status updates along with the rest of the social media crowd.

If you’re a writer by trade, chances are you’ve also noticed that people who don’t write for a living often have the catchiest status updates. You know these folks. They’re the ones who have about 35 likes for every post and whose every dispatch from the world of OMG-there’s-a-SQUIRREL-in-my-kitchen! (accompanied by a grainy cell phone photo, of course) gets 20 adoring comments.

Yet the comment section on your business’s blog is dry (insert sigh here).   

More Pithy, Less Perfect

The difference is simple. While you may have mastered the art of the semicolon and your rhetorical analyses are the stuff of academic legend, social media doesn’t care. It doesn’t even care if you miss a comma or use all caps. It should be short and funny. Or short and poignant. It should tell a story. But a short story.

If you’re struggling to build your brand online and you need more followers, you need more pithy. And that means hiring an SEO company is the way to go.

Quality SEO companies that don’t use cheesy, spammy tactics work with strong writers who understand the finer points of gaining an audience and turning clicks to actual, real-life revenue. Plus, you can take the time you’re spending now updating your blog and turn it into time spent on building the nuts and bolts of your business.

Building the Brand

That doesn’t mean that your natural writing skills won’t be put to good use. As you learn the strategies that make an online business successful you can integrate those tips into additional online platforms.

For example, once you start your blog and hire an SEO professional to update it as often as possible, build a Facebook page. Post regularly and add photos frequently. Start a Pinterest account and give shout-outs to complementary businesses as well as your own. Join Twitter and follow other industry tastemakers. You might even start microblogging yourself!

Why Social Media Matters

The bottom line is this: You ignore social media at your own peril. Google and other search engines count social media content when determining your page rankings. That means the more your business is mentioned on these sites, the higher your resulting rank will be.

Ask yourself when was the last time you looked through more than a page of search results? Now imagine social media optimized for SEO. Boom.

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