New Year’s and “new me”?

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First of all, I would like to extend a (belated) “Happy New Years!” to all!

Our clocks haven’t slowed down since the onset of 2013 and the fast pace of life that we are all encumbered with has only continued on into the new year. While we all would like a chance to lie back and stretch our legs, the world keeps turning regardless of what we decide to make of the time that we have. The only option that we have is to keep going forward, face new obstacles, and ultimately contribute to the world around us.

Of course, with every new year, it is customary for us to chat with our friends, family, peers, and co-workers about our annually-created “New Year’s resolutions.” Conceived in the beginning of January, the resolutions people come up with are goals for themselves that they intend to have reached by the end of the year or by another deadline that they have set for themselves.

I have never really been one to make New Year’s resolutions because I feel as if they are easily left in the dust of February and March, along with a few other reasons that I will get into shortly!

When we come up with New Year’s resolutions we are promising ourselves that we will fit such specific goals into our lives. We all have so many activities and responsibilities to take care of. In my opinion, these resolutions lull us into false hope where we assure ourselves that we will reach some type of level of attainment that might not be practical due to our packed schedules. Other times, we come up with places where we would like to see ourselves that aren’t even feasible.

I am not trying to say that we should not make goals for ourselves because we aren’t capable of reaching them, rather, we just push ourselves too far and become disappointed when we can’t deliver.

Say, for example, I decided that this year I wanted to run a marathon next December. Preparing to run such a distance takes an appreciable amount of training and conditioning that I know that I would struggle to find time for.

But have I ever mentioned how much I detest running? Even if Channing Tatum asked me to go on a run with him I think that I would have to pass. No matter how much I would want to cross the finish line at a marathon for whatever reason of self-fulfillment I lack the interest and initial spark to try and make it happen. Unless I suddenly conjured up a love for running, I wouldn’t even want to train. In other words, this would be a very empty wish to me.

In addition to my belief that we can’t always reasonably fit New Year’s resolutions into our day, it irks me that as a society we think that we need a new year to create a change in our lives.

Why wait? What is stopping one from beginning to improve himself or herself any other day of the year? Jan. 1 is just a day that happens to mark the first day of a new year but there is no special potion in the air that will cause one to suddenly have the motivation to work harder.

It’s bothersome to me that we aren’t constantly trying to become a better version of ourselves and that we need a reason to do so. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way but as much as I can help it, I am always trying my best to make myself a little bit better of a person all of the time. I’m not always successful but it’s a constant process for me.

New Year’s Resolutions certainly aren’t for me but I’m sure that they work for some people. If they do, then kudos to you! Regardless, one should be proud of any accomplishments they have, regardless of how the road to those accomplishments was paved.


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