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We've added a fitness blog section to our website with tips on keeping fit and healthy before/during/after hiking and trekking events.  These simple tips apply to all kinds of fitness and lead to a more healthy lifestyle.  Check it out at

Thanks to for this submittal.  Timothy is an Integral Wellness Coach/Consultant With a Master’s degree, post graduate studies, and over 4 years experience in health and personal training.  Timothy brings scientifically supported, clinically proven methods to his approach to wellness.  His integrative program incorporates nutrition, physical fitness, stress management, and other lifestyle factors to comprehensively guide his clients to lasting wellness and greater vitality.

Don't forget that we have a big event in March to raise awareness and funding for The Samaritan Woman Scholarship .   This fund seeks to reduce the financial barrier that women in recovery from human trafficking have to realizing their academic goals:

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