Who Even Reads this Blog?

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

I always wondered who actually reads my blog. Certainly not the public relations people who flood my inbox with press releases about THIS FASCINATING PERSON! from somewhere far away (and not coming anywhere near Frederick) that is available for interviews, or about THIS BEST-SELLING BOOK! that they can send me to review, or about THIS IMPORTANT EVENT OR CAUSE that they are sure I’d be interested in writing about.

And all of these things, they say would fit right in with what I write about on my blog.

I’m sure I could write reams about any of these people, books, events, causes and issues, and I might yet for my freelance work, but none of them have any bearing on what I write about in this blog -- my own experiences and observations about living right here in the city and county of Frederick.

And the fact that very few of these PR folks send me anything even remotely related to this town of ours shows me that they aren’t really doing their job very well. “Know who you are sending your press releases to, or at least be familiar with what they cover,” is one of the principles the professors taught us (both journalism and public relations students) in journalism school. (Holla to the ‘Cuse! Lemme hear the Newhouse alumni say, “NEW!” Now say, “HOUSE!”)

Maybe their professors didn’t teach them that.

I’m not saying that I ‘m not open to hearing about things going on in our area or might have affect us here somehow, since I can’t be everywhere or see everything, but it would be nice to know that somebody in the various PR departments IS ACTUALLY READING what I write.

The rest of you, my neighbors near and far, I appreciate that you do stop by to read my somewhat still-irregular postings and occasionally even comment. I hope even after living here for several years, I’ll still find things fresh in Frederick for a while to come and share them with you.

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