It’s official. PLAYSTATION 4!!!

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So by now you may have heard that an event happened on Wednesday, February 28th that unveiled the next generation of “Play”.  Well, if you didn’t hear about this event, I’ve got some details for you to take in what has been called “A Historical Event for the Gaming Industry.”  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  The PlayStation 4 was finally unveiled...well, mostly.

Broken up into three parts (Intro, Part 1 and Part 2), the PlayStation Event released the formal name of the next PlayStation (the PlayStation 4), provided the five, core themes of the PS4, highlighted the hardware configuration of the system (minus the hard disk drive capacity) and best of all, it provided some fantastic game and technology examples (more on that in a minute).

To try to keep this blog as “plain english” as possible, I will forgo the exact hardware configuration of both the PS4 and the new Dualshock 4 controller.  Let’s just say that the new system is like a V12’s supercharged like never before.

The new Dualshock 4 controller features a touchpad, a headphone jack, a light bar (for interfacing with the new stereoscopic PlayStation Eye bar) and even a SHARE button (for social networking on Facebook and USTREAM).

As for the five, core themes of PS4, Sony representatives noted that the system is going to be all about the following:

1. SIMPLE : Consumer - oriented and ease-of-use.

2. IMMEDIATE : Speed of response time between all controllers and the system.

3. SOCIAL : Seamless integration with social networks; including real-time video streaming.

4. INTEGRATED : “PlayStation Mobile” will be available on Sony, Apple and Android devices.

5. PERSONALIZATION : The PS4 experience will be tailored to you based on your interactions on both the new / updated PlayStation Network (PSN) and social networks.

But enough of the high-level stuff.  Now for the fun part: the game and technology demos.

From Mark Cerny, the Lead System Architect for PS4 comes Knack :

After that came the new title in the Killzone series: Killzone: Shadowfall :

Next, the new driving game for PS4, entitled Drive Club , was presented:

Then, Sucker Punch Studios unveiled inFAMOUS: Second Son :

After that came, from the creator of the highly-acclaimed game Braid , Jonathan Blow’s The Witness :

A technology demo followed thanks to David Cage - creator of Heavy Rain and the new, up-and-coming game Beyond: Two Souls :

Skipping ahead, Yves Guillemot of Ubisoft provided a new gameplay trailer of the highly-anticipated game Watch Dogs (my favorite of the night!!):

The final video that I want to highlight is the first initiative from Bungie, the developer of the Halo series, on PlayStation.  The game is entitled Destiny and is deemed “a Shared-World Shooter...(featuring) a new universe for players to explore - growing and customizing their characters either alone or while playing with friends.”  And to top it all off, it was noted that thanks to the technology of the PS4 and the scope of the game, players will be able to play this title “ for years ”.  WOW!!

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more news on the next generation of consoles.  Let me know your thoughts on the new PlayStation and any of the games highlighted in this blog in the comments section below.

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