See How Easily You Can Manage a Social Media Campaign on a Budget

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 If you're running a start-up or small business, then having an effective social media campaign should be one of your biggest priorities. There’s no better way to give your business the boost it needs than by engaging social media outlets to market your products and services and increase your traffic and visibility. If done correctly, you can tap into an inexpensive and sustainable marketing method that will help you compete with larger organizations and grow your business, but you have to have the resources.

For businesses intent on running a modern marketing campaign online, here are three areas to focus on in order to achieve more while spending less.

Try Time-Saving Technology

At first sight, a comprehensive social media campaign may look like a lot of moving parts. While it can be a bit overwhelming to keep an eye on your efforts with everything from Twitter to LinkedIn, there are some great products that consolidate everything into one convenient place. Try a tool like HootSuite, which for under $10 a month gives you a platform that supports all of the major social outlets, in addition to supplying you the apps and marketing tools needed to efficiently manage your campaign.

Make Friends with Mobile Apps

Whether you offer legal services to medical facilities or prepare the SES application for federal resumes, you're probably already using mobile apps to lighten one or more areas of your workload. Having the ability to monitor posts, respond to comments and feedback, and contribute commentary on the go helps busy small business owners fit social interaction into their demanding schedules. Mobile apps not only give you access to sites like Facebook from your phone, but also cover tools for everything from analyzing your website’s metrics to managing inventory levels.

Get By With a Little Help

Just because the buck stops with you doesn’t mean you can’t delegate some of social media responsibility to your associates and employees. There is strength in numbers when it comes to running a robust social campaign, so call on each member of your organization to contribute, whether it means adding expert blog posts, forum comments, or YouTube videos. This approach should allow you to maintain your perspective and achieve a higher level of quality, as the members of your team apply their unique skill sets for the greater good.

Closing Thoughts

Even though you don’t have the same budget as bigger businesses, you can manage a proper social media campaign and keep yourself on an even playing field. By getting the technological tools you need, utilizing mobile apps, and taking a team approach, you can vastly improve your online marketing today.

Do your social media marketing right, and you can tap into an inexpensive and sustainable marketing method that will help you compete with larger organizations and grow your business.

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