Using Frederick’s localTransIT bus system more effectively

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When you need to get somewhere within Frederick’s more urbanized areas but your car is unavailable (or you don’t have a car), TransIT Connector and Shuttle buses are available to help you out. There  are two tools, one that’s been out there for a year or so and one that’s brand new, to help riders navigate the route maps, understand the schedules, and get where they need to go.

Google Transit allows you to plan a trip using public transportation by finding transit stops in your area and giving you step-by-step instructions as to how to navigate the route you need to take. The first thing you see on TransIT’s webpage ( is a link to Google Transit – simply plug in your starting location or address (home, work, neighborhood, shopping center) and then tab down to enter your destination location or address. Google Transit does the rest, and will even give you several options in case the one they feel is most appropriate doesn’t work for you. 


Most of us have used Mapquest or Google Maps to find directions, and this application works the same way, only it shows which buses travel which routes and where to transfer buses (if necessary). Google Transit is available via the internet, but as of yet there is not a smart phone app that will allow you to access the program without a computer.


This brings us to HopStop, our most recent offering to help you navigate around Frederick using public transportation and your smart phone. Visit to use this technology from a computer, or download the free app on your smart phone (search: HopStop). Once you download the app, you simply need to set Frederick County, MD as your preferred location and you’ll be good to go.


As with Google Transit, HopStop provides step-by-step directions based on where you want to start out and where you need to go. But it also provides bus schedules and tells you how many calories you burn as you walk to and from the transit stops along the way! 


Both tools work well, it’s just a question of whether you want to have mobile access or not. Next time you’re wondering what options are out there for you to travel in and around Frederick, consider using either Google Transit or HopStop to help you out.

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