Five Ways to Use Social Media to Find Jobs

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Offline strategies alone are no longer enough to help people in their job search. Job hunters are turning to social media as a way to help locate potential jobs and to communicate with human resource departments at different companies. Here are five different ways you can use social media to help find a new job.

Communicate with Friends and Family

Friends and family members are a good place to start with a job search. They may know companies that are hiring in your area, and they also know who to contact about the position. While many people are uncomfortable about talking with those they know about their job situation, overcoming this fear can help obtain a position that you are suited for in a shorter period of time.

Communicate with Past Coworkers

When communicating with family and friends about a job search, it is important to include past coworkers. Many of these people have networks with other counterparts in different companies.

Plus these coworkers have experience in the same industry as you, so they may be aware of information about new or future job openings in your market. Asking these people for an introduction is often difficult, but when done correctly they are often more than willing to help.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media site where business professionals communicate with one another about their market, questions and open positions. If you become a member of the site you can create a network of professionals in your field that can help you find a position suited to your skill set.

It is important not to go right out and ask for a new job right away. Instead, create a network and communicate with people about your experience. Look into companies that interest you and see if you have connections in common - it can be a great way to open the door!

Demonstrate Experience

When looking for potential candidates, many HR managers research online. They look for specific keywords and see what names pop up for blogs, articles and other online content that proves experience in a specific field. In order to improve opportunities during a job search, you should consider publishing online content that demonstrates thought leadership in a specific area.

You can then use your social media accounts to make announcements about that content and include links so that people can review it and share. For example, if you are looking for a position in the pest control field, you may want to create a document about how to keep rabbits out .

Share Content

You would then share that information with your friends and family members on different social media sites and ask them to share that information with people they may know who are looking for candidates in the field.

These social media strategies can help you not only find a position that you are suited for but will also encourage employers to seek you out for potential positions.

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