Happauge HD PVR 2 (Model 1512) – Quick Review

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

This review is more of a re-cap from their previous version, the HD PVR 2. However, I will give it more of a breakdown this time around.

The HD PVR 2 (M. 1512) works virtually like its predecessor. They actually looks the same as well. The "1512", the newer model that I will refer to in this review, has the capability of recording one's television or gaming content through a computer. The directions were pretty easy to follow and within 20 mintues or so, I was up and rolling. Not only does the 1512 have the capability of recording gameplay, but it also has the ability to live stream the gameplay as well. Therefore, if you always wanted to broadcast your gameplay of Halo 4 online, using the 1512 would be the way to go.

I was able to connect the device through a program called XSplit, an application which allows you to use your 1512 to stream your gameplay through Twitch TV. Although I didn't have a full license to use the full capabilities of XSplit nor my laptop had the power to run it at full speed, it was still a promising start in the right direction in order to get the program and device working together to bring my gaming content to the masses.

The 1512 comes with the essential equipment needed to configure your setup such an HDMI cable, Component cables, etc. What is new to this hardware iteration is that the device now has the capability of using an IR blaster (for use of remote when connected to a cable/satellite box,etc) and there is a slot for using an optical cable for digital audio. So, if you want higher quality audio from your recordings, take advantage of this little port.

The device comes with the ArcSoft software for viewing one's recordings and changing the settings for them. I was able to get up to 1080P @ 30 frames per second for them and that's pretty standard. The quality was very clear.

Overall, I personally recommend the 1512 to any avid gamer who is very interested into streaming their game content through the internet.

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