Loss of a beloved pet

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Spring is just a month away. So many of us look forward to this time of year after a long cold winter. It is a time to get outdoors, spend time with family, friends, our beloved pets and be part of the joys of nature.

But it also seems like the time of year when some lose a beloved pet. One who is always their to greet us in the morning and evening. One who loves and never judges. A companion that brings so much joy.

We actually can become very dependent on our companions, just as they depend on us. We never think anything could happen to them and that they will be with us forever. But life does bring loss and this causes so much sadness and grief.

We often ask ourselves if we should have gotten them to the vet sooner. Or we wished we noticed our pet was sick sooner, or that we had more money to have helped our pet. But, sometimes there is nothing that could have been done.

Some people do not understand why a person can become so sad and upset over the loss of a beloved pet. They may say it is just an animal.

All of us handle loss differently and should never be judged. Some people can go into a deep depression, feel extreme guilt, anger, and can even become physically ill.

Just know there are therapy groups and other resources to help you cope with your loss. Yes, you will feel pain, perhaps cry a lot and feel lonely. But over time the pain will go away. You will still have your wonderful memories and eventually will be able to cope with your loss. They say time heals all pain, but, yes, there will still be the scars.

Contact your local animal shelter and ask about support groups if you have lost a pet. They are more than happy to help. But, most importantly, take time to heal and don't rush out right away to get another companion to help fill the void. Take your time and perhaps you will be ready for another loving pet.

Spring is almost here. Get out enjoy nature!


This column is dedicated to my grandmother Orean Jackson who passed on Feb. 23. I miss you so much Mem-ma but I know you are no longer in pain and finally have peace. I love you.

Tammy McCormack is a Maryland Licensed Professonal Snake Trapper. She writes a regular online column for fredericknewspost.com. You may contact her at marylandsnaketrapper@aol.com

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